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FanDuel Runs It Back with Gronk for Kick of Destiny 2: Will He Make It This Time?

Andrew Elmquist
Written by Andrew Elmquist
February 1, 2024
FanDuel Runs It Back with Gronk for Kick of Destiny 2

FanDuel is running back one of the most interesting betting promos from the Super Bowl last year. Rob Gronkowski is running back the “Kick of Destiny,” a promotion that was met with much consternation a year ago.

Gronkowski is one of several former NFL players to partner with a company like FanDuel, trying to help promote their site. FanDuel is one of the biggest sports betting websites, often touted as the best company to use on the go.

Mobile betting is something that isn’t going anywhere in the near future, and utilizing a popular player like Gronkowski to promote their product can only help their cause. He has been featured in commercials, both for FanDuel and other entities, which has made him an even more popular public figure.

NFL players are unable to bet on the league when they are active players, but judging by the number of former athletes who are now associated with gambling companies, it is clear that they are interested in the industry.

Last year, Gronk had a chance to attempt a 25-yard field goal on live TV. If he made the kick, fans would share in the wealth of a piece of $10 million in bonus bets. While this was a promotion that fans were excited about, Gronk ended up missing the kick, causing fans to be upset with him and FanDuel.

Many saw this as a free, easy way to make some money but figured that FanDuel paid Gronkowski off to miss the field goal, netting all the profits of people’s bets. While FanDuel gave fans either $5 or $10 in bonus bets after the fact, this was not received well as a whole.

Will Gronk Get Redemption During Super Bowl LVIII?

Despite criticisms, FanDuel is trying this out again, but this year, it’ll be met with a twist. Gronkowski is still attempting a field goal, but this time, fans can pick a side, betting on whether or not he’ll make the kick. Based on the result of the kick, fans will again get a chance to share the profits of $10 million in bonus bets.

Sounds easy enough, right? Sort of. It’s an interesting promotion, but this time, fans will be able to try and predict what the outcome of the kick will be. Gronk was a tight end in the NFL, so he doesn’t have much kicking experience. No matter how he performs, it is clear that fans are getting more and more excited about this event, especially since it was sort of a flop last year in their eyes. Judging by his recent appearance on Jimmy Fallon, Gronk seems to be practicing more this year than he did last season. Hopefully, this means that he has a better chance of making the kick, but anything can happen. It will be interesting to see how he performs this time around, and if more fans will bet on him to make the kick than to miss it.

What side will you decide to be on, come Super Bowl Sunday?

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