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DraftKings recently announced new sportsbook and DFS promotions that will run through the end of the 2022 MLB season. New sportsbook users can receive a $1,000 deposit bonus with promo code 1000BV. Additionally, fantasy players can receive a $500 deposit bonus with code DFSBV. Terms apply.
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DraftKings is arguably the largest online and mobile sportsbook in the US market. They offer a polished product both on their website and in app. Fast-changing lives, smooth live betting, and a industry-best fantasy product. The amount of juice you have to pay to bet is where they clearly fall short, and unfortunately this is perhaps what matters most to avid sports bettors. 
draftkings sportsbook review

DraftKings Review Overview

By now, most US sports bettors are familiar with the name DraftKings. The company has been around since 2012, operating exclusively as a daily fantasy sports website prior to launching their sportsbook in 2019.

Having a player pool of millions of DFS players here in the US allowed both DraftKings and FanDuel to have a leg up on their competition once sports betting was officially legalized.

Today, DraftKings holds roughly a 27% share of the US sports betting market, but is the product worthy of that large of a chunk of the total handle here in the US? We will break down exactly that question in this DraftKings sportsbook review.

What DraftKings Customers are Saying

An important thing to look at when comparing sportsbooks are the opinions of their current customers. We've compiled reviews and ratings for DraftKings Sportsbook across both the App Store, Play Store, and Trustpilot. Find the current DraftKings rating on each app, as well as an aggregate rating across all reviews, in the table below.

Our team picked through a large array of DraftKings reviews to identify what current players think are the best and worst features of the sports betting app. It is worth noting that online reviews tend to swing more negatively than positively by nature, so an aggregate rating of 4.6 is an overwhelmingly positive sentiment from existing players.

Sportsbook AppDraftKings
App Store Rating4.8 (322,000 Reviews)
Play Store Rating4.5 (19,900 Reviews)
Trustpilot Rating1.4 (142 Reviews)
Total Reviews342,042
Aggregate Rating4.8
Best FeatureTons of Prop Betting Options
Worst FeatureCustomer Support Options
review of draftkings line and juice

DraftKings Lines and Juice

4.7 out of 5

Looking at our ratings for the DraftKings sports, lines and juice is clearly the only place we see them really trailing their competition. That being said, it is not all bad for DK so let's start with the positive.

Lines on the DraftKings sportsbook update constantly, are consistently well set, and their live betting odds are a close to perfect as you will find in the US sports betting market. As a sports bettor, you will be hard-pressed to find anything wrong with the lines and odds at DraftKings.

So if lines are great, then clearly the juice is what we are taking issue with at DraftKings. There are really two points worth considering here. The first is that placing the same bet on DraftKings and a sportsbook like PointsBet will often pay out less on DraftKings. The second is that you can make the argument that, in 2022, all sportsbooks have fast-updating lines and a solid website and app... which means juice is arguably the number one thing you should be considering when choosing a book.

It is worth pointing out that DraftKings is not necessarily the worst book in the US market when it comes to juice, and often times FanDuel can be even worse. Because these two books combine for a market share greater than 60%, they can afford to keep juice high while smaller books are forced to lower juice to try to attract new bettors.

draftkings sportsbook website and app review

DraftKings Website and App Review

4.9 out of 5

The top new player offers at DraftKings consistently outperform the average US sportsbook offer. That being said, there are two reasons we rate DraftKings promotions at only 4 stars, a rating that is actually our lowest promo score in the US currently.

The first is the less-than-ideal bonus offer. An extra $1,000 is a nice gesture, but because of how the offer is structured, you'd have to deposit $5,000 to receive the full amount. That's too rich for the average gambler's blood.

The second reason is the terms and conditions attached to using a DraftKings promo code. DraftKings normally demands a high rollover with their bonus offers so that is something to keep in mind if you're a new player. In general, DraftKings' terms and conditions aren't too player-friendly.

Review of DraftKings Promotions

5 out of 5

The overall quality of the DraftKings sportsbook website and app is where they separate themselves from just about every sportsbook outside of FanDuel. The company is clearly committed to providing the absolute best possible betting experience to their users and it shows.

Having the resources and player pool that DraftKings does means they are able to build an infrastructure for their website, app, and data provider that guarantees no down time, lag issues, or any other technical headaches that have plagued other sportsbooks. While other sportsbooks have outdated user interfaces and suffer from bottlenecking during peak traffic hours, DraftKings always runs flawlessly.

The DraftKings app, with nearly 200,000 reviews on the App Store, has a ridiculous 4.8 star rating (out of 5). Clearly sports bettors love using this app and there are several features that help it stand out including a near perfect live betting experience, more player props than any other sportsbook in the industry, and a layout that makes it easy to move between sports, events, and bet types.

draftkings market share review

DraftKings Customer Support

4.9 out of 5

To be fair, we may have been a bit harsh on DraftKings regarding their unfavorable juice earlier, but we think we are being generous with a 4.2-star rating here on customer service. The first thing we consider is overall player satisfaction, and with overwhelmingly positive player reviews everywhere this is clearly an area DraftKings shines.

These positive reviews clearly reflect that bettors are happy with the product they are receiving. However, what happens when you are not satisfied? What support options are available? This is where DraftKings does not quite fit the bill in our opinion.

At the moment, DraftKings offers support on the contact us page of their website through one medium: email/ticket. Submit an email, their support system generates a ticket, and an agent addresses your concern. While for the majority of issues this may suffice, what if you are having trouble finding or placing a bet moments before a game starts? Waiting for a response to an email is less than ideal in these situations, and every other US sportsbook offers a 24/7/365 live chat option for exactly this reason.

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