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Best Nevada Poker App for 2022

While recent momentum seems to be shifting in favor of expanding online poker in the state of Nevada, at the moment poker players are limited to only one option, World Series of Poker. Find the top offer from WSOP in the table below.

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nevada online poker overview

Nevada Online Poker Overview

Nevada is world-renowned as the U.S. capital of poker – home to the flourishing sin city of Las Vegas. Cities like Reno and Carson City also come to mind.

And now, this U.S. state is growing in popularity when it comes to the world of online poker.

This complete guide contains everything you need to know about online poker in Nevada – from its history and its legality to where you can play at online poker sites, including the almighty

Nevada's Gambling History

Gambling in Nevada is a colossal industry. In 2020, it generated around US$6.75 billion in revenue for the Silver State.

The history speaks for itself. Nevada has always been a gambling town since it was founded – when mining towns in the area thrived off gaming before the state was officially formed in 1864.

In 1919, card rooms were legalized, leading Reno to become an American city renowned for its gaming. That economy grew rapidly, especially in 1931 when all card games in the State were legalized.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board was soon established to safeguard the economy, followed by the Nevada Gaming Commission in 1959 to regulate licensing.

Is online poker legal in Nevada?

Online poker is absolutely legal in the state of Nevada. In 2013, Nevada was one of the first three U.S. states (along with New Jersey and Delaware) to offer poker sites. Of course, today new states are being added to the list every few months, most recently Michigan made the move to legalize online poker.

Those three states operate on a so-called “multi-state poker” arrangement allowing players to access a huge grid of poker sites players in one State otherwise wouldn’t be able to access.

A closer look: what’s exactly ‘legal’?

The law regulating online poker in Nevada is called Assembly Bill 114. The Nevada Gaming Commission also sets specific regulations that both poker sites and players must comply with when playing internet poker.

The laws surrounding legal online poker in Nevada that you need to know include:
  • Players must be 21 or older
  • Poker sites must verify the identity of their players
  • You need to be inside State lines to play real money (although read more about that below)
  • Poker sites must install geolocation software to determine if their players are on legal sites
  • You’re only allowed one account on each site you play on
  • Fund transfers between players are not permitted
  • Poker operators need a reserve equal to the total amount of player funds
  • The rake fee can’t be more than 10%
  • Poker sites outside of the United States can’t operate in Nevada

It’s important to be across the laws so you don’t fall into any traps when playing online poker in the Silver State.

WSOP App Overview for 2022

Online Poker Options in Nevada for 2022

There are some online gaming options to choose from – indeed, online casinos in Nevada are technically legal. However, the bulk of casinos in Nevada are land-based, with a large portion of Las Vegas’ economy relying on physical casinos. And when it comes to poker, the options online are also quite limited.

What online poker sites can you play in Nevada?

World Series of Poker ( is the only legal online poker site you’re able to access in Nevada as of July 2022.

Operator:World Series of Poker
Entered Nevada Market:September 2013
Owned by:Caesars Interactive Entertainment
Software partner:888poker (888 Holdings)

Some say that the choices you have for games on are limited, and reviews aren’t entirely raving. That being said, we are not overly worried about that. excellent for gamers in Nevada because:

  • The environment is completely regulated and safe.
  • WSOP operates on the extremely user-friendly 888poker software.
  • You can play both for seats and also major online tournaments.
  • New players can receive up to $50 just for making an account.
  • New players can receive a 100% deposit bonus up to $1,000.
  • There are larger prize pools because of Nevada’s agreement with Delaware and New Jersey.

A key benefit of is that the last one - the massive player and prize pool made possible because of the multi-state arrangement. Additionally, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, WSOP’s popularity soared and the player pool grew even more. has recently offered WSOP Circuit Events and exciting online bracelet events.

Can I play real money poker online in Nevada?

Absolutely. It’s one of the only four U.S. states that allow real money online poker – with easy-to-use poker apps making it simple to play poker at any time.

WSOP Real Money Poker App

The use of apps to play with actual money is growing in popularity – the same is true with WSOP. Some of the key benefits include:
  • Super easy navigation when at the lobby
  • Simple gameplay
  • Easy to make deposits and withdraw cash
  • Simple (and free) download
  • Easily located on the Apple Store and the Android Play Store.
  • Easy login
  • Easy to play more than one game (with great tiling options)

Although we still recommend you take caution, the apps aren’t entirely perfect. Yes, they’re easy to use but sometimes it can feel a little bit like the 2000s.

It does lack some modern features and doesn’t actually allow for Pot-Limit Omaha play. This is strange because you can play that on the desktop. That being said, overall we think the app provides an excellent player experience.

Do I have to be in Nevada to play online poker?

You’ll need to be in a legal geographical area to play online poker. That means, yes, Nevada. Thanks to advanced geolocation technology, the online casino knows if you’re playing in one of those legal zones or not.

This measure is important as it’s designed to safeguard the game from illegal external influencing. You don’t, however, have to be in Nevada to create your account or make your first deposit.

future outlook for Nevada online poker

Online Poker in Nevada: The Outlook

There’s a lot of happenings in the world of online poker, and we’re thinking there are two major changes on the horizon:

  • The introduction of new poker sites; and
  • The growth of complete online casinos (not just poker)

Possible Future Poker Apps in Nevada

Other poker players may join in the future and contribute to the buzzing world of Nevada online poker, especially as the world moves more online during the pandemic. In the near future we may see the following brands enter the Nevada market:

  • PartyPoker – this site already partners up with World Poker Tour, and both have held ongoing events in Vegas. They also joined up with the WPT Online Series midway through 2020 and expanded to Pennsylvania earlier in 2021.
  • PokerStars – PokerStars are looking to grow in the United States – and Nevada’s really the only State they can do it. Keep a close eye on what happens. Obviously, this one would require some forgive-and-forget from Nevada and Las Vegas, something they are not known for.

Nevada Gaming Commission: Possible amendments coming to online gaming laws

The Nevada Gaming Control Board is currently looking into online poker with a view to changing some of the regulations – and it’s exciting.

The new proposals would remove ‘poker only' limits and encourage the growth of full-fledged online casinos. There are currently 14 proposed amendments to the Nevada Gaming Commission’s 5A, including a definition of ‘peer-to-peer gaming’ and even removing the definition of ‘poker’ – allowing more creative types of poker to flourish.

We’re excited to see what’s in store and which new poker apps could enter the market over the next few years.

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