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Betting Tools

payout calculator

Payout Calculator

Quickly calculate what any wager will pay out given any odds. 
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oods converter

Odds Converter

Quickly convert odds between American and Decimal formats.
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odds checker

Odds Checker

Find the best odds and lowest juice for every game on every slate.
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Intro to Sports Betting

Betting Odds Guide

Betting odds can be intimidating to new sports bettors. This guide walks you through the various types of odds and how juice works.
Betting Odds Guide >>

Types of Bets Guide

There are a wide variety of ways to bet a game. From parlays and teasers to spread and moneyline bets, we cover every type of bet.
Types of Bets Guide >>

Live Betting Guide

Live betting is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to bet on sports. This guide will have you ready for live action.
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Shop Live Odds

Never settle for the odds from a single sportsbook. Compare odds, find a better spread or lower juice, and maximize your winnings.
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Shop Bonus Offers

Compare the best promotions from the top sportsbooks in the inudstry, and be sure you get the largest bonus available when you sign up.
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Betting Exchanges

Sports betting exchanges are the easiest way to guarantee you find the best odds, lowest juice, and even let you to set your own odds.
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Responsible Gaming

The most important tool you can add to your sports betting arsenal is an understanding of how you can establish a sports betting system, minimize your losses, track your bets, and bet responsibly. These tools are not only important to avoid gambling addiction, but can also help you manage your bankroll and maximize your winnings over time. Check out our responsible gaming hub for a full list of resources and tips.

Sport-By-Sport Betting Guides

In addition to our suite of sports betting tools, our team has assembled how-to betting guides built specifically for the sport of your choosing. Use these guides to fine tune your own betting strategy.