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Keys to Betting on College Football

Point spreads often move violently in college football, especially if a star player gets injured during practice or comes down with an illness. As with all other sports, getting the best of the number is key to showing a profit at the end of the season. Here are a few other keys to betting on college football:

  1. As a general rule, if you like the favorite bet it early.
  2. Also, if you like the underdog, wait until later in the week.
  3. Make your own power ratings!
  4. Watch as many games as possible to see O-Line and D-Line performance.
  5. Pay attention to coaching trends.

How Much Do Returning Starters Matter?

A team that has a lot of returning starters has an edge over less experienced teams. However, this edge isn't as profound as it used to be thanks to the new transfer portal rules. We have found that a team's number of returning starters means more in the smaller conferences than in the larger ones.

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