Bet Payout Calculator

A sports betting payout calculator allows you to figure out what any wager will pay out at its given odds. To use our payout calculator, enter your stake (wager amount), and the decimal odds for your wager, and click calculate to see what your bet will pay out.

Your sportsbook should allow you to view odds in decimal format, but if you need to convert your odds to decimal, we have included a step to use our odds converter that will handle it for you.

Step 1: Convert Your Odds to Decimal

To convert your odds to decimal format, simply enter the odds into the calculator below and click outside of the form to view your converted odds. You can then enter your decimal odds into the payout calculator in step 2.

Step 2: Calculate Payout

To use our payout calculator, enter your decimal odds into the odds box and then enter your total bet into the stake box. Click on calculate to view what your wager will pay out.

Note that the payout displayed includes your original bet. To calculate what you actually won, subtract your initial bet from the total payout.

bet payout calculator

Why Use a Payout Calculator?

A reliable payout calculator is an essential tool that every bettor should have in their arsenal for several reasons. Here are the three most common use cases for a payout calculator:

  • Quickly and accurately calculate the payout for any wager. With different sportsbooks utilizing different odds formats, a payout calculator allows you to easily move between different odds formats and bet amounts.
  • Learn how different odds formats affect bet payouts. Committing payouts for common American, decimal, and fraction odds to memory is an important step to becoming a better sports bettor. Utilizing a payout calculator is a great way to learn exactly how betting odds work.
  • Calculate what a bet will pay out without having to rely on a sportsbook. If you hear odds for a contest on the radio or are discussing odds with friends in a local sports bar, a payout calculator is the easiest way to determine what a hypothetical bet would pay out.

Why Use Our Payout Calculator?

Our team works hard to ensure that any tool we bring to our readers is built for even the most novice of bettors.

When researching payout calculators, we noticed that the majority of the options available worked for only one type of betting odds. There are two issues with this.

First, bettors are able to change the odds displayed in a sportsbook based on their own preferences. If you elect to have odds displayed in decimal format, a payout calculator that only works for American odds is of little use.

Second, a good payout calculator should work for not only sports bettors with access to a sportsbook but also for people who run into odds offline. These odds are typically displayed using the fractional odds method.

We built our payout calculator to work for every type of betting odds and any size bet. Bookmark this page to keep this tool on hand for the next time you need it.

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