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Bet Payout Calculator

Use the payout calculator below to calculate exactly what your bet will payout at its given odds. Simply enter in your stake (wager amount), the decimal odds for your wager, and click calculate to see what your bet will payout.

Your sportsbook should allow you to view odds in decimal format, but if you need to convert your odds to decimal, we have an odds converter that will handle it for you. Find this tool below the payout calculator.

Convert Your Odds to Decimal

To convert your odds to decimal format, simply enter the odds into the calculator below and click outside of the form to view your converted odds. You can then enter your decimal odds into the payout calculator above.

Why Use a Payout Calculator?

A reliable payout calculator is an essential tool for every bettor's arsenal for several reasons. The first is obviously that it allows you to quickly see exactly what any bet will payout. With different sportsbooks showing different odds formats, a payout calculator allows you to easily move between different odds formats and bet amounts.

Another great benefit to using a payout calculator is that it gets you familiar with seeing how American odds, decimal odds, and fractional odds affect the payout. As you enter common wagers into the calculator over and over again, you will learn exactly how bets against those odds payout.

The last benefit to using our payout calculator is that it can be used independently from a sportsbook. If you hear odds for a contest on the radio or are discussing odds with friends in a local sports bar, often times you will need to use a calculator to understand exactly what that bet could potentially payout. In these instances, a payout calculator is the only way to get an accurate understanding of what a bet entails.

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