odds converter

Odds Converter

Our odds converter is the easiest way to convert your odds between different odds formats. Simply enter your odds into the calculator below and then click outside of the table to instantly see the odds in additional formats. It doesn't get any more convenient than that!

Decimal Odds - Enter your odds in the following format, 1.05.
Fractional Odds - Enter your odds in the following format, 1/2.
American Odds - Enter your odds as either 110 or -110.

Why Use an Odds Converter?

New sports bettors are often confused by the different odds formats. US sportsbooks will use one odds format for certain sports and bets and a different odds format for others. Our odds converter is the easiest way possible to convert odds from one format to another so you can see odds in the format you prefer.

Understanding odds, bet types, and how payouts work is an essential first step to becoming a successful sports bettor. This odds converter will help to lessen the learning curve when it comes to understanding exactly how a golfer's 14/2 odds compare to an NFL teams -110 odds.

Never is this tool more useful than when live betting on a sport that does not use an odds format you are familiar with. Time is critical when wagering on live events as odds change constantly as the game plays out. Simply pull up this tool and quickly see each wagering option with the odds format of your preference in seconds.

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