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Odds for Popular Super Bowl Props: Coin Toss, National Anthem, and More

Earnest Horn
Written by Earnest Horn
February 9, 2024
Odds for Popular Super Bowl Props Coin Toss, National Anthem, and More

While Super Bowl LVIII is not too far away, bettors who have spent the past four months earning profits or recouping losses are salivating at the smorgasbord of prop bets available for the NFL’s biggest game of the year.

Even with the big game featuring fan-favorites such as San Francisco 49ers RB Christian McCaffrey and Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes, Super Bowl gamblers have hundreds of other prop wagers they can take that aren’t performance based, such as the coin flip result, the national anthem length, and a bevy of Taylor Swift-themed wagers.

What are the most popular odds for Super Bowl props that are not related to results from the game? We’ll break down three of the most popular Super Bowl prop bets as well as how bettors can capitalize on these off-field wagers.

The Super Bowl Coin Flip

While every game starts with a coin toss to decide which team will receive the football first, the Super Bowl’s coin flip is definitely the year’s most-anticipated event. Traditionally, the NFL selects a group of individuals – such as former players, military personnel, or everyday citizens – to join each team’s captains on the field for the start of the game.

In the past 57 years, the coin toss has been nearly split down the middle in terms of results. Currently, tails holds a 30-27 lead for the previous Super Bowls’ coin flip after tails was the result of seven of the past 10 occurrences.

This year, multiple sportsbooks are offering -104 odds on the Super Bowl coin toss result. With tails enjoying a late run, bettors who stick with the current momentum may wind up nearly doubling their money by taking this Super Bowl prop bet.

The Super Bowl National Anthem

The national anthem is played prior to nearly every American sporting event in the country. This year, Super Bowl LVIII’s rendition will be offered by country music star Reba McEntire, a singer known as the “Queen of Country” for 25 chart-topping hits.

How can bettors make a wager on the 68-year-old singer’s national anthem version? The most popular choice opportunity is the over/under on the length of the song, currently setting at 89.5 seconds at most sportsbooks.

Multiple outlets have weighed in on this popular betting option. Currently, none of the known McEntire national anthem renditions have lasted for longer than 90 seconds, making the under a popular choice for bettors on this prop bet.

Taylor Swift’s Super Bowl On-Screen Appearances

Every NFL broadcast features real-time shots of fans in the stadium, either in times of celebration or at the depths of their despair. Yet one famous fan that burst onto the scene this season is mega music star Taylor Swift, a fan who will have a definitive rooting interest with partner and Kansas City TE Travis Kelce on the field.

Headlines around the world have centered on the amount of time Swift has been featured on screen during Chiefs’ games, especially with Kansas City’s run to the Super Bowl. Now, oddsmakers have weighed in with their thoughts by offering a prop bet around her in-game broadcast appearances.

Currently, bettors can choose from an over/under total of 5.5 Swift appearances during Super Bowl LVIII. Bettors should note that this does not include television appearances that occur before the game begins or after the final whistle. And bettors looking at guidance from previous games should select the over, especially those gamblers predicting a Chiefs’ victory Sunday.

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