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Best Sports Bars for Betting in Indiana

Mike Noblin
Written by Mike Noblin
June 27, 2023
Best Sports Bars for Betting in Indiana

Indiana legalized sports betting in September of 2019 and to say it's been a big hit would be an understatement. Sportsbooks in the Hoosier State have taken in more than $12 billion in wagers since that fateful day almost 4 years ago!

Below are our team's picks for the best sports bars for betting in Indiana. These are a great place to meet friends, watch the Colts, Pacers, or the Indy 500. You can also track your bets as the action unfolds.

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Best Sports Bars in Indianapolis Area

Indianapolis is a hopping sports town! It's home to the Indianapolis Colts, Indiana Pacers, and the Indy 500. No matter what your favorite sport is, you'll find the action you need in the state capitol. Here are our picks for the best sports bars in Indianapolis, IN:

Sports Page Lounge

Sports Page Lounge

4603 N Post Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46226
Best Dish: Cheese Breadsticks

Sports Page Lounge, established in Indianapolis in 2010, is a welcoming, locally owned sports bar that’s a favorite destination for local sports bettors and enthusiasts. Boasting an intriguing history and unique offerings, Sports Page Lounge should definitely be considered if you’re betting sports in the area.

More Praise For Sports Page Lounge

If you’re not sold on Sports Page Lounge yet, here are a few reasons you may want to visit as a sports bettor:

  • Big Screen TV’s: The lounge features an impressive array of big screen TVs, making it the ideal destination for sports bettors looking to immerse themselves in the excitement of every match they bet on. Be it an exhilarating football match or an intense basketball showdown, HD screens ensure every moment is captured perfectly.
  • Diverse Menu: Sports Page Lounge's standout feature is its eclectic menu, which caters to a range of tastes and preferences. Sports bettors can enjoy delectable appetizers such as crispy chicken wings and loaded nachos as fuel for their betting session. Heartier options include mouthwatering burgers, juicy steaks, and tasty pasta dishes. You can indulge your comfort food favorites while taking in the lively ambience.
  • Special Events: Beyond its regular offerings, the Sports Page Lounge hosts special events that bring an extra level of excitement to sports betting. Ranging from themed game nights and live music performances to trivia contests and friendly betting pools, there's always something going on at this bustling establishment! These special events foster camaraderie among bettors while creating a lively and social environment, which adds another level of enjoyment for bettors who gather here.

S.O.S Pub

The S.O.S Pub Indy

30 E Georgia St, Indianapolis, IN 46204Best Dish: Challenge Burger

Since opening in 2018, The S.O.S Pub Indy has been a beloved community hub. The interior was recently renovated to offer sports bettors an inviting atmosphere where they can get lost in their favorite game while indulging in delicious food and drinks from its extensive menu.

Not to mention all of its TV screens for entertainment options. There’s no doubt S.O.S Pub Indy is one of the premier locations for bettors in Indianapolis.

More Praise For The S.O.S Pub Indy

Sports bettors should visit The S.O.S Pub Indy for several reasons, including:

  • Newly Renovated: The S.O.S Pub Indy recently underwent an incredible transformation, featuring a luxurious and contemporary interior that exudes comfort and style. From the moment you step inside, you'll be immersed in its vibrant ambiance, designed to elevate your experience of watching sports games.
  • TVs and Games: With its extensive array of television screens spread throughout its bar, The S.O.S Pub Indy ensures an uninterrupted viewing experience for sports bettors. Whether watching an established event like a Super Bowl game or lesser-known contests like tennis tournaments or soccer matches, no moment will go missed! Furthermore, this bar provides many games such as billiards, darts, and arcade classics to provide some much-needed respite during halftime or between bets.
  • Special Events: At S.O.S Pub Indy, sports betting takes an extra special turn with special events taking place all year. From annual holiday parties that commemorate the spirit of the season to charity fundraising activities giving back to their community, something exciting is always happening here!

Francis and Mount

Francis and Mount

131 N Washington St, Crawfordsville, IN 47933
Best Dish: Fish & Chips

Francis and Mount restaurant in Crawfordsville, IN is an award-winning dining destination that seamlessly marries delicious cuisine with an engaging sports environment, making it the ideal dining spot for sports bettors who seek an exciting dining experience.

Over its extensive history and wide array of special offerings, this establishment has built a stellar reputation for their superior service and welcoming ambiance.

Friendly staff members add to its homey appeal, making Francis and Mount an ideal spot for sports bettors looking to unwind after wagering and enjoy delicious meals!

More Praise for Francis and Mount

Here are a few compelling arguments why sports bettors should visit Francis and Mount:

  • Weekly Specials: Francis and Mount offers weekly lunch specials on their menu. They feature something delicious for every palate and provide patrons with a delicious dining experience while watching their teams.
  • Big Screen TVs: The bar features strategically-placed, big-screen televisions to give sports bettors an exceptional viewing experience. From enjoying delicious meals or sipping drinks with us to keeping up with all of the exciting moments as they happen while taking in each bite, they offer prime views of each game so that bettors don't miss a single action-packed moment!
  • Outstanding Service and Hospitality: The team at Francis and Mount takes great pride in offering outstanding service and warm hospitality, and their servers go out of their way to make visitors feel welcomed and well taken care of throughout their visit. Their attentiveness ensures a pleasant betting experience from knowledgeable recommendations to prompt attention to detail.
  • Online Reservations: Francis and Mount recognizes the value of convenience for sports bettors with tight schedules, which is why online table reservations allow them to reserve their table easily without hassle.

Back 9 Golf and Entertainment

Back 9 Golf and Entertainment

1415 Drover St, Indianapolis, IN 46221
Best Dish: The Nine Nachos

Back 9 Golf and Entertainment is a high-energy venue in Downtown Indianapolis that combines golf, technology, and entertainment. While primarily focused on golf, the facility offers a unique atmosphere that sports bettors might find appealing due to its state-of-the-art technology, multiple bars, and lively environment.

More Praise for Back 9 Golf and Entertainment

If you’re not sold on Back 9 Golf and Entertainment yet, here are a few reasons you may want to visit as a sports bettor:

  • State-of-the-art technology: The venue features cutting-edge technology in its Tee Bays, which could potentially be adapted to display sports events or betting information.
  • Multiple bars and floors: With three floors of entertainment and three bars, there are plenty of spaces to watch games and discuss bets with fellow sports enthusiasts.
  • Live entertainment: The venue offers a Vegas-level sound system and live local entertainment, creating an exciting atmosphere for sports fans.
  • Versatile event spaces: Back 9 can accommodate both personal and professional gatherings, making it a potential spot for sports betting groups or watch parties.

Rush on Main

Rush on Main

112 South Main Street, Zionsville, IN 46077
Best Dish: Wings

Rush on Main is one of the top joints in the Chicago area for folks who like to watch sports and eat good food. This restaurant’s atmosphere, menu, and customer service are simply off the charts. These folks know how to cater to all sports fans, as they have plenty of HD TVs for customers to enjoy.

More Praise for Rush on Main

If you’re not sold on Rush on Main yet, here are a few reasons you may want to visit as a sports bettor:

  • Comfortable atmosphere: This spot is always comfortable it gives off a casual vibe. No sports bettor wants to watch games in a stuffy environment.
  • Excellent food and drinks: The food at Rush on Main is off the hook! No matter what your favorite is, you’ll find something you love at this place. The drink menu is pretty solid as well.
  • Live Music:Who doesn’t like live music? Listening to some good tunes is the perfect way to celebrate a big win. Music also helps folks forget about some tough losses!
  • Community Feel: The staff at Rush on Main is always friendly, helpful, and energetic. This gives the place a great feel and it makes customers feel good about supporting this family business!


Union Jack Pub

924 Broad Ripple Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46220
Best Dish: Fish and Chips

Union Jack Pub has been an important place in Indianapolis for almost 43 years, giving a special mix of British and American pub food. People who like to bet on sports will really enjoy this place because it is known as the top spot for soccer games in Indianapolis. This makes it a great choice for watching and betting on international football matches.

More Praise for Union Jack Pub

If you’re not sure about Union Jack Pub, here some reasons why a sports bettor might want to visit:

  • Soccer Haven: Union Jack Pub is a favorite spot for soccer fans, where they gather to watch Liverpool matches, US National Team games, and Indy Eleven events. This makes a lively environment perfect for sports bettors who want to fully enjoy the thrill of live soccer moments.
  • Diverse Menu: At Union Jack Pub, you can find many different foods. They have traditional Fish & Chips, Deep Dish Pizza, and even Vegan options. Everyone can find something they like to eat while enjoying their favorite sports matches and placing bets.
  • Private Event Spaces:The pub gives private event choices for groups between 10 to 200 people. It is an excellent spot for planning sports betting gatherings or watching parties during big sporting events.
  • Long-lasting Reputation: For more than 40 years, Union Jack Pub has become a known and trusted place. This shows how good their service is and how consistent they are with sports viewing.

The Slippery Noodle Inn

The Slippery Noodle Inn

372 South Meridian Street, Indianapolis, IN 46225
Best Dish: Nachos

The Slippery Noodle Inn is Indiana’s oldest continuously operated bar in its original building. This historic venue has been around since the 1800s. It offers a unique atmosphere for sports bettors, combining rich history with modern amenities. Plus, it’s very close to major sports venues, so you don’t have to miss any of the action on game day.

More Praise for The Slippery Noodle Inn

If you’ve never been to The Slippery Noodle Inn, here are some more points that may interest you as a sports bettor:

  • Prime Location: Situated close to major sports venues, it’s perfect for grabbing a drink or meal before or after games.
  • Historic Atmosphere: The bar provides a unique backdrop for watching sports and discussing bets. It has tons of interesting history since the location is so old, including rumored hauntings.
  • Live Music: While you’re watching the game, you can enjoy live blues performances in the back bar.
  • Game Day Specials:With drink specials like $5.50 Michelob Ultra drafts and $6 Jack Daniels, you can celebrate your wins without breaking the bank.

The Hangar Indy

The Hangar Indy

501 S. Madison Indianapolis, Indiana 46225
Best Dish: Brick Oven Pizza

The Hangar Indy is Downtown Indianapolis’ hub for unique experiences. There are tons of fun things to do, from indoor golf to e-bike rentals and live sports events nearby. Sports bettors, in particular, can catch a game at this full-service location, complete with TV’s, a bar, and restaurant.

More Praise for The Hangar Indy

Here are a few reasons you may want to visit The Hangar Indy as a sports bettor:

  • Giant screens: The 150" TVs ensure you won’t miss a single play or betting opportunity. At this location, you’ll get an immersive viewing experience for all your favorite sports events.
  • Prime location: Situated between two major sports venues, The Hangar Indy is perfectly positioned for sports enthusiasts looking to extend their game day experience or find a lively spot to watch away games.
  • Full bar and restaurant:With a comprehensive food and drink menu, you can settle in for long games or betting sessions without worrying about finding a meal somewhere else.
  • Diverse entertainment options:When there’s downtime between games or you’re waiting for your bets to play out, you can enjoy other activities inside or nearby.

Best Sports Bars in North Indiana


10527 Bunker Dr, De Motte, IN 46310Best Dish: SP19 Nachos

SP19 Restaurant and Bar in DeMotte, Indiana provides more than just delicious American comfort food - it is also a haven for sports bettors looking to elevate their game-day experience.

Renowned for serving fresh and delectable comfort meals alongside an impressive selection of spirits, American wines, and craft beers, it offers visitors and residents alike an exciting sports betting atmosphere in an inviting, comfortable setting.

More Praise for SP19

Why should sports bettors choose SP19 as their betting destination of choice? Here are the main arguments:

  • Indoor and Outdoor Seating: SP19 understands that sports enthusiasts have different viewing preferences when it comes to watching their favorite game. Whether it be the lively environment of indoor seating or the refreshing outdoors, SP19 caters to both options so you can experience placing bets while enjoying your sport in an environment tailored specifically to you. Enjoy placing wagers while immersing yourself in a game that speaks your language!
  • Delectable Food Selection: SP19 offers an incredible array of mouthwatering dishes to energize your betting excitement, from delectable pizzas and sandwiches to addictive hot wings. You’ll never have to worry about going hungry when betting at SP19!
  • Atmosphere: SP19 provides an ideal setting for sports bettors to become immersed in their game. Its atmosphere is perfectly crafted, enabling you to enjoy betting alone or share the experience with family and friends.

Square Roots

Square Roots

108 North Main Street, Crown Point, IN 46307
Best Dish: Birria Quesadilla

Square Roots, situated at Crown Point Square, offers exciting sporting betting action while delighting customers with delicious food and refreshing drinks. It has quickly become a destination of choice among locals and visitors of Indiana. Thanks to its rich history and diverse offerings, it has stamped itself as an iconic location.

Square Roots provides an unforgettable dining experience by blending lively sports bar ambiance with family-friendly warmth. Whether you're seeking somewhere to watch the latest game with friends or simply want an evening out with the family, this establishment has everything you need for a great night.

More Praise For Square Roots

Here are a few reasons why sports bettors should make Square Roots their go-to betting spot:

  • Dine In or Carry Out: Square Roots offers customers the convenience of dining-in or taking away delicious dishes from their menu, whether that means an intimate sit-down meal or quick bite while watching sports on TV. Whatever suits your fancy, Square Roots has you covered!
  • Cocktails and Whiskey: Sports bettors looking to quench their thirst can turn to Square Roots for refreshing cocktails and whiskey options that range from classic favorites to unique concoctions crafted by their bar staff. Keeping tastebuds entertained, Square Roots knows exactly how to satisfy your thirst!
  • Delectable Food: Square Roots takes great pride in offering delectable cuisine such as their popular bang bang shrimp and tantalizing birria quesadilla. Each dish is crafted to perfection with quality ingredients and innovative combinations of flavors.

1925 PubHouse

1925 PubHouse

1905 Northshore Exd, Anderson, IN 46011
Best Dish: Firecracker Shrimp

1925 PubHouse is situated within Anderson, Indiana's Grandview Public Golf Course. Founded in 1927, this place promises an unforgettable sports betting experience.

Boasting two locations and multiple award wins, such as "Best Steak in Madison County" and "Best Sit-Down Restaurant", 1925 PubHouse makes for a delightful stopover for sports bettors looking for thrilling game watching experiences.

More Praise For 1925 PubHouse

Why should sports bettors visit 1925 PubHouse? Here are several compelling arguments:

  • Diverse Beer Menu: 1925 PubHouse takes great pride in offering an extensive beer menu to meet the discerning tastes of sports bettors. Featuring everything from craft brews to local favorites, their vast beer menu ensures that sports bettors can savor an enjoyable pint while watching their game!
  • Online Ordering: Sports bettors on the go need their orders easily taken care of, and 1925 PubHouse understands this need with its user-friendly online ordering system, enabling you to place food and beverage orders effortlessly without missing a critical moment during any matchup.
  • Big Screen TVs: When it comes to game viewing, 1925 PubHouse excels. Their strategically positioned big-screen TVs ensure that you catch every exhilarating play, never missing a beat. Whether you’re cheering for your team or following bets, the immersive viewing experience will leave you spellbound.

Linebacker Lounge

Linebacker Lounge

1631 South Bend Ave, South Bend, IN 46617
Best Dish: Linebacker Burger

Linebacker Lounge has long been known as a hotspot in Indiana for sports fans and locals alike, catering to them for over three decades. Offering delicious food as well as exciting events, this legendary establishment truly delivers!

Located just across from Notre Dame University in Indiana, Linebacker Lounge has been around since 1979. Its rich history and established position as an go-to spot for game watching have all become hallmarks of success for this place.

More Praise For Linebacker Lounge

Here are a few reasons why sports bettors should visit Linebacker Lounge:

  • Delicious Food: Linebacker Lounge takes its culinary offerings very seriously, offering an appetizing selection of delectable options that sports bettors can indulge in. From hearty soups to flavorful sandwiches and gourmet wraps, all their food is prepared with care.
  • Menu Specials: Linebacker Lounge has tempting menu specials to keep customers coming back, such as their $8 assorted platter of the best appetizers. This includes irresistible treats like fried pickles, onion rings, and mozzarella sticks.
  • Central Location: Linebacker Lounge provides sports bettors with the ultimate convenience with its central location across Notre Dame Stadium. Perfect for taking a breather before or after betting, Linebacker Lounge's central position ensures it remains accessible and near all the action.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Dining: Linebacker Lounge provides the best of both worlds when it comes to dining options, offering both indoor and outdoor experiences. Indoor dining guests can find lively ambiance at its bar, or find their ideal table near one of their many television screens showing sports events. Their al fresco experience allows visitors to soak up some sun while they savor a delicious meal!
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