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Same Game Parlays: Learn How SGP Wagers Work and Find Our Best Tips for this Popular Type of Bet

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Last Updated: July 2nd, 2024

In case you haven't noticed, Same Game Parlays are all the rage in sports betting. You can't turn on any major sporting event without seeing an advertisement from some of the world's largest sportsbooks, and 9 times out of 10 they're hyping up the Same Game Parlay.

With legal sports betting still relatively new to the U.S. and Same Game Parlays even newer, bettors are still trying to figure out how this type of bet works. Our goal with this page is to help with that. We'll break down what a Same Game Parlay is and give you a few tips on how to bet them.

What is a Same Game Parlay?

As its name implies, a Same Game Parlay is where the bettor gets to combine multiple outcomes from the same sporting event into one bet. For example, Steelers fans may want to parlay Kenny Pickett to throw Over 1.5 touchdown passes with a point spread bet on the Steelers at -2.5.

If Pittsburgh wins by 3 or more points and Pickett throws at least 2 TD passes, Steelers fans will cash their tickets at a nice plus-money price. Keep in mind though, that both legs of the parlay have to occur in order to win the bet. This makes parlays quite a bit different than straight wagers.

As you might imagine, lots of casual sports bettors love to place Same Game Parlays on big TV events like Thursday Night Football, Monday Night Football, and the ever-so-lovable NBA on TNT doubleheader. Here is an example of a possible Same Game Parlay at DraftKings for an upcoming Thursday Night Football game between Pittsburgh and Tennessee:

DraftKings Same Game Parlay Example

In above example, if the Steelers win by more than 3 points and Chris Boswell makes at least 2 field goals, a $100 bettor will be rewarded with a Same Game Parlay win of $168. That's a pretty sweet deal, to say the least.

Same Game Parlay Strategy

What's the ideal Same Game Parlay strategy? Well, it's kind of tough to put into words but I'll give it a shot. When betting parlays, you want to look for strong correlations in outcomes.

In our above example with Kenny Pickett, we can assume that if he throws at least 2 TD passes, the Steelers have an above-average chance of covering the three-point spread over the Titans. You could also throw in an Anytime TD scorer prop with George Pickens or Diontae Johnson. Why?

Because those are Pickett's two favorite targets and if he throws 2 TD passes, odds are that one of those guys is going to be on the receiving end. This theory isn't foolproof but may help you add an extra winner onto your SGP card.

Unfortunately, sportsbooks are smart, and they catch on to winning strategies. Because of this, some sportsbooks won't allow you to combine outcomes that they deem are correlated. This isn't true at all sportsbooks so that just speaks to the importance of shopping around.

FanDuel SGP Builder

Have Fun But Be Careful!

As a veteran of this industry of more than 2 decades, I feel obligated to issue this quick PSA about Same Game Parlays or just any old parlay in general. If you want to bet parlays, there's nothing at all wrong with that. This type of wagering makes watching any game even more entertaining, so I certainly can't fault anyone for wanting that.

However, please play responsibly when making Same Game Parlay bets. I recommend sprinkling a small amount of your bankroll on parlays and saving your larger wagers for straight bets. Why?

Because the "house hold" on parlays is incredibly high. Most online sportsbooks accumulate a hold percentage of 15-25% on parlays, but just 4-5% on straight bets. For you math majors out there, that means that parlays are 3 to 5 times more profitable for the bookmakers, not the bettors!

If you feel like your parlay betting or any aspect of your sports betting is getting out of hand, check out the Responsible Gaming section of our site for tips or call 1-800-GAMBLER.

Same Game Parlay FAQs

Whether you've been betting sports for lots of years or you're just starting out in this crazy game, you may have some questions regarding Same Game Parlays. We've created the following FAQ section to help give you the answers you need before placing your wagers. Good luck!

What Sportsbooks Offer Same Game Parlays?

The Same Game Parlay used to be somewhat of a novelty, but these days all sportsbooks offer them in some form or fashion. This includes FanDuel, DraftKings, BetMGM, Caesars, Bet365, Fanatics, and ESPN Bet. As always, be sure to shop around at every legal sportsbook in your state to find the best possible odds. Getting the best price is the key to being a winning sports bettor.

What type of bets can be used in Same Game Parlays?

At most of the big-time books like DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM, and Caesars, sports bettors can add a plethora of different types of wagers into their SGP. You can parlay spreads, totals, player props, game props, or even team totals.

Should the weather be factored in when betting Same Game Parlays?

Absolutely! The weather should always be considered when making any type of wager, including a Same Game Parlay. For example, you probably don't want to play a lot of receiving props Over if they're calling for 30 MPH wind.

Should I lean more toward Overs or Unders?

It's best to lead toward Unders. Why? It's human nature to root for achievement and the books know this. They inflate the price of Overs because of this.

How many legs should I put into my Same Game Parlay?

There is no magic number of legs when it comes to parlay betting. Some folks prefer 2 legs while others prefer 10 or more. It all depends on how many outcomes you think have a favorable chance of occurring. The more legs you add, the greater the payout but the less likely you are to cash.

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