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Responsible Gaming Education Month Kicks Off in September

Mike Noblin
Written by Mike Noblin
September 1, 2023
Responsible Gaming Education Month

Millions of diehard football fans dream of the day when the calendar turns from August to September! This is obviously because September marks the beginning of a new season filled with newfound hope and anticipation.

Is there anything better than kicking back with your favorite food and go-to drink while watching your beloved team? There's just something magical about this time of the year, especially for sports fans and bettors.

However, September is more than just the start of college football or the NFL. It's also the start of Responsible Gaming Month. Since more states in the US have legalized sports betting than ever before, it's a cause we should all take seriously.

Check Out Our Responsible Gaming Tools

It's no secret that our team loves everything to do with gambling. Our staff is made up of folks with over 100 years of combined experience in sports betting and casino gaming. As passionate as we are about this industry, we're even more passionate about keeping you safe when it comes to gaming.

Just how serious are we about Responsible Gaming? We've dedicated an entire 6-piece section of our site with tips for players to take in when needed. Here's a brief breakdown of what all we cover related to this crucial topic.


This is probably my favorite section. We list all articles related to responsible gaming to help answer any questions our readers may have. Here you will find tips for overcoming losing streaks and other responsible gaming tips from folks that have been doing it in a healthy manner for decades.

The center portion of this section has vital information such as all of the national resources for problem gaming. You can find the phone numbers and other contact options for Gamblers Anonymous and the National Council on Problem Gaming.

Self Exclusion

This section is for folks that feel like they have a serious gaming problem. There is absolutely no shame in admitting that you need help.

All of us are human and we all struggle with different things. We list out each state along with how you could go about adding yourself to a self-exclusion list.

More Info on Problem Gambling

Here's where we get into a nuts-and-bolts breakdown of what problem gambling is and how it can be avoided or treated. Learn about getting the help you need or how to take cool down periods.

We dive into the different signs of gambling disorder to let you know what to look out for. We also give out some tips on how to set limits with your gaming in this section.

Other Tips and Advice

Sections 4 through 6 are an even further deep dive on responsible gaming tips. We'll cover how to keep sports betting and casino gaming fun and not harmful. Our staff also breaks down how to properly manage a betting bankroll.

Lastly, we'll cover some common sports betting mistakes and how to avoid them. Our goal with this section is to save you some money as well as some headaches. It's much better to learn from others' mistakes than it is to make them yourself.

Have a fun, safe, and responsible football season! Thanks for reading!

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