Michigan's Online Casinos Set to Cross $1 Billion Mark
Written by Kristin Chute
July 31, 2023

Michigan's Online Casinos Set to Cross $1 Billion Mark

June 2023 saw Michigan's online casinos rake in a combined gross revenue of $151 million, affirming the robust health of the industry. This impressive figure testifies to several noteworthy trends:

  • A sustained momentum with the fourth consecutive month recording at least $150 million in revenue
  • A nine-month streak with at least $140 million in monthly revenue
  • A substantial 24.3% increase in online casino revenue compared to June 2022
  • The fifth-highest monthly figure in Michigan's history

This performance puts Michigan tantalizingly close to reaching the $1 billion mark in online casino revenue for the calendar year 2023. As of June, the state's online casinos have accumulated over $934.6 million in winnings.

If the industry maintains its current growth rate, gross online casino revenue is expected to cross the $1 billion mark a month earlier than it did in 2022. It's even possible that the industry might see its first $2 billion calendar year, although this projection may be a bit optimistic given the ebb and flow of monthly increases.

For instance, while the online casino revenue for May 2023 showed an increase of 18% compared to the same month in the previous year, sustaining a growth rate of 20% or more every month is a formidable challenge.

Nonetheless, even with this considered, it's clear that Michigan's online gambling industry remains robust and vibrant, with online sportsbooks also enjoying a good month in June.

Growth in Online Sports Betting Revenue

Online sportsbooks in Michigan reported a win of $18.3 million in June 2023, marking a 15.9% increase from the $15.4 million recorded in June 2022, according to data from the Michigan Gaming Control Board.

Online sports bets in June totaled $227.9 million, translating to an average win rate of roughly eight percent for the sportsbooks. Despite bettors wagering over $42 million more on online sports bets in June 2022, books only managed to win about 5.7% of the money that month.

June was also a strong month for the state's treasury, with online gambling contributing $22.8 million in tax revenue. This was complemented by an additional $8.3 million from gaming activity taxes in Detroit for the month. These funds have bolstered the state's budget, contributing to essential services like education, healthcare, and infrastructure development.

Moreover, the industry has also created numerous direct and indirect employment opportunities, from technical roles in game development and security to customer service and marketing positions. The economic footprint of the online gambling industry extends beyond its direct contributions, stimulating growth in related sectors as well.

Regulation and Compliance

Managing the exponential growth of the online gambling sector has been a significant challenge for Michigan's regulatory bodies. They have been tasked with ensuring fair play, preventing underage gambling, and protecting gamblers from addiction.

The Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) has proactively enforced compliance, regularly auditing operators for fair play and responsible gambling practices. In 2023, the MGCB reported very few major compliance issues, attributing this success to stringent regulations and rigorous enforcement.

However, the regulatory landscape continues to evolve, with the MGCB seeking to balance the industry's growth with the need for player protection and integrity in gaming. This includes exploring new regulatory measures, such as enhanced player identity verification and stricter controls on advertising.

Is June 2023 a Prelude to Future Growth?

Far from experiencing a slump, June 2023 marked one of the most vital months to date for Michigan's online gambling industry.

This sets an intriguing context for the months of July and August, which will be watched closely to see whether they can maintain or even exceed this high level of performance.

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