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Fanatics Sportsbook Unveils Full Online Platform

Kristin Chute
Written by Kristin Chute
August 23, 2023
Fanatics Sportsbook Unveils Full Online Platform

After a successful beta testing phase of six months, Fanatics Sportsbook has officially made its debut in four U.S. states: Maryland, Massachusetts, Ohio, and Tennessee.

This momentous launch marks a significant milestone for Fanatics Betting and Gaming, a global digital sports platform, in entering the robust and competitive sports betting landscape in the United States.

The App and Its Cutting-Edge Features

The app, now live on iOS and Android platforms, caters to a wide consumer base with its specially designed features. The app features include:

  • Moneyline bets, spread bets, over-unders, player props, and Same Game Parlays (SGPs): A broad spectrum of betting options for sports fans.
  • Live scores, lines, and odds: Real-time information to keep bettors informed.
  • Discover page: A curated page for tailored experiences, including marquee games, trending bets, promos, and rewards.
  • FanCash loyalty program: A unique currency that rewards fans with Bonus Bets and merchandise purchases at
  • Withdrawal Tracker: A transparent system that allows customers to track their money during the withdrawal process.
  • Industry-leading search functionality: A tool to help customers find their bets faster and more efficiently.

These enhancements contribute to an elevated betting experience, with personalized algorithms providing an intuitive and customized user experience.

Fanatics' Acquisition of PointsBet's U.S. Business

The company's strategic acquisition of PointsBet's U.S. business has positioned Fanatics as a formidable player in the industry. This move provides Fanatics Sportsbook with market access to additional states, broadening its reach and potential customer base.

Notably, the acquisition of the New York license gives Fanatics access to one of the most lucrative betting markets in the country.

Continuous Improvement and Innovation

Fanatics aims to redefine the sports betting experience by continuously enhancing its app with new features and innovative ideas. One example is the integration of PointsBet's proprietary Banach Technology, supercharging Fanatics Sportsbook's sports betting engine.

The launch in the four states is just the beginning. Fanatics plans further expansion, leveraging licenses acquired from PointsBet's U.S. holdings.

Continuous improvement of the app and the addition of innovative features is part of Fanatics' commitment to maintaining a competitive edge.

A Connected Digital Sports Ecosystem

In line with the parent company's focus on sports fans, Fanatics is building a one-of-a-kind sports ecosystem.

The goal is to create a unified platform where fans can buy team merchandise, find collectibles, and place wagers in one convenient location.

Impact on the Sports Betting Competition

Fanatics is making waves in the sports betting scene, setting itself up to challenge established players like DraftKings and FanDuel. The launch of the Fanatics Sportsbook app signifies a fresh and aggressive approach to entering the U.S. sports betting market.

The acquisition of PointsBet's U.S. holdings, coupled with a commitment to continuous innovation, positions Fanatics as a serious contender in the industry.

Its focus on customer satisfaction, unique features like FanCash, and strategic positioning add to its allure.

Innovation at Play

The Fanatics Sportsbook's launch marks a new era in sports betting competition. Fanatics is well on its way to shaking up the sports betting landscape with a promising future and plans for further expansion and continuous innovation.

The next few months will be vital for the company's expansion and success. As it continues to roll out its services and refine its offerings, the industry, sports fans, and bettors will watch closely to see how this newcomer transforms the traditional sports betting experience.

With Fanatics' strategic moves, clear vision, and unique offerings, the future of sports betting appears more exciting than ever.

The launch of Fanatics Sportsbook isn't just a new entry in the market; it signifies the dawn of a fresh and innovative era in sports betting, where fans are at the core of everything.

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