Crazy Bets and Bad Beats from NFL Week 2
Written by Mike Noblin
September 18, 2023

Crazy Bets and Bad Beats from NFL Week 2

Welcome to Monday Morning coffee, where each week we relive some of the crazy bets and bad beats from the NFL's prior slate of games. If you've been betting on the NFL for longer than a couple of weeks, you know that there's plenty of drama to go around in this crazy league.

Before we get into the depth of the action, I only have one question. What the heck was Sean McVay doing kicking a field goal with 2 seconds to go and down 10 points?

That turned my would-be win on the Niners -7 into a dreadful push. If you think these NFL coaches don't know about the point spread, you're either naive or smoking some happy lettuce! Okay, enough venting from me. Here are the crazy bets and bad beats from NFL Week 2.

Crazy Bet: Guy Cashes Out HUGE at DraftKings with KC/JAX UNDER!

Some sports bettor at DraftKings with a huge bankroll felt so good about the Chiefs-Jaguars total that he put $300K on the game to stay Under 50.5 points. This wager required a ton of confidence, especially since each of these teams feature a prolific QB.

How did it turn out? This bet was a no-sweat winner from start to finish! Neither team scored in the first quarter and the only TD of the first half was a 9-yard toss from Patrick Mahomes to Skyy Moore. The only scoring Jacksonville achieved before the break was 2 Brandon McManus field goals.

Lots of other bettors and even the game announcers were expecting more scoring in the second half. However, much to the delight of our crazy bettor, that wasn't the case. Kansas City's defense only allowed 1 second half field goal and the final ended up being 17-9! That put more than $272K into this bettor's pocket!

Bad Beat: Bears Fan at BetRivers Suffers Major Loss

The expectations for the Chicago Bears are much higher this year, but things haven't started off so well for them in 2023. Even still, one bettor at BetRivers thought that surely Chicago would keep things close against Tampa Bay.

The logic made plenty of sense, as the Bucs appear to be in rebuilding mode and Baker Mayfield is taking over for Tom Brady as the new QB. This guy was looking to ride Justin Fields in a big way. He put up $152,000 on the Bears +4.5 at a substantial juice amount of -152.

Things looked okay for a while, as Chicago led 7-3 after the first quarter. The Bucs offense woke up a bit in the second quarter, but Tampa still only led by 3 points at the break after Chase McLaughlin connected on a 25-yard field goal.

The Bucs stretched the lead to 10, but Chase Claypool caught a 20-yard touchdown pass from Justin Fields to bring our bettor back to within his point spread. That's when a visit to the Heartbreak Hotel happened. With just a few seconds until the 2-minute warning, Fields tried a screen pass from his own 4-yard line.

Shaq Barrett plucked the pass out of midair and strutted into the end zone to give the Bucs a 10-point win. What a terribly bad beat for this fella at BetRivers! Ouch!

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