BetMGM Continues to Make Millionaires 2023 Jackpot Report
Written by Kristin Chute
July 27, 2023

BetMGM Continues to Make Millionaires: 2023 Jackpot Report

In the exhilarating world of online gaming, the name BetMGM resonates with avid gamers and casual players alike.

As one of the industry's leading operators, BetMGM's reputation for awarding life-transforming progressive jackpots has made headlines in 2023. Let's dive into an in-depth analysis of how BetMGM continues to shell out large jackpots this year.

Record-Breaking Jackpot Awards: An Overview

BetMGM has been breaking records in 2023 by awarding nearly $75 million in progressive jackpots in the first six months alone. This year's largest jackpot awarded this year has been a staggering $2.8 million. This already impressive total is expected to surpass the $104 million in jackpots the company awarded over the previous year.

The increase in jackpot awards is primarily due to the popularity of in-house slot titles created by Entain, which have contributed $30.4 million to the jackpot pool.

Leading developers like Light & Wonder, NetEnt, and IGT have also significantly delivered life-changing jackpots. BetMGM's commitment to improving the online casino experience and its aim to give even bigger wins are a testament to its dedication to its players.

BetMGM's Jackpot Distribution: A Geographic Breakdown

Michigan has been the most lucrative state for BetMGM players, with the company awarding $27.4 million in jackpots in this state alone. However, New Jersey and Pennsylvania are not far behind, with jackpot awards of $23.2 million and $18.8 million, respectively.

Pennsylvania players have also been fortunate enough to win two of the top five jackpots on BetMGM[1]. Moreover, 41% of BetMGM's jackpots have been distributed through exclusive slot titles created by Entain.

BetMGM's strong market presence, holding 27% market share, and its popular in-house games have significantly contributed to this geographical distribution of jackpot awards. However, it's important to note that while BetMGM is a leading competitor in these states, other operators, such as Hollywood Casino, also hold significant market shares.

The Winning Games: A Closer Look

BetMGM's online casino offers over 1,500 games, including popular titles such as MGM Grand Millions, Bison Fury, Mirage Mega Magma, and Loot'En Khamun.

A significant proportion of the jackpot total, specifically $30.4 million, was sourced from slot titles created by Entain, BetMGM's venture partner.

In addition to Entain, other leading developers like Light & Wonder, NetEnt, and IGT have also played a pivotal role in delivering life-changing jackpots this year.

Highlighting the Top BetMGM Jackpots of 2023

The first half of 2023 witnessed some colossal wins at BetMGM. The largest jackpot was claimed by a New Jersey player who won a staggering $2.8 million on MGM Grand Millions.

Following closely, another player from New Jersey hit the jackpot of $2.4 million on the Luck O' The Jackpot game. Pennsylvania also saw its share of winners, with one player bagging a $1 million jackpot on Fjord of Riches and another scoring the same amount on MGM Grand Millions.

A Michigan player who walked away with a substantial $799,048 from MGM Grand Millions Megaways is rounding off the top five.

A Word from the Director of Online Gaming at BetMGM

"BetMGM is proud to award these big progressive jackpots to our players," said Oliver Bartlett, Director of Online Gaming at BetMGM.

He also emphasized that curating an engaging selection of jackpot titles is a key focus for the company, as it offers fantastic options to all players.

Bartlett expressed his excitement at the possibility of surpassing last year's total and raising the standard of the overall online casino experience.

The Road Ahead

BetMGM has positioned itself as a leading player in the online casino industry with its extensive array of in-house titles and partnerships with leading game developers.

The company's focus on offering engaging jackpot titles and a rich gaming experience has significantly contributed to its success.

As BetMGM continues its winning streak in 2023, players can look forward to larger jackpots and an even more thrilling gaming experience.

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