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Fliff Review: Our #1 Rated Social Sportsbook App for 2024

Chris Lollis
Written by: | Fact checked by: Nicholas Berault
Last Updated: April 2nd, 2024

Fliff is, by far, our top-rated social sportsbook for 2024. They offer a great app that rivals those of top real-money sportsbooks like FanDuel and DraftKings. Make single-game picks, player props, future picks, and even make picks for live games. However, our team ran into issues with live events and customer support options are limited (email only).

Fliff Sportsbook Review Summary

Final Verdict:
Fliff Sportsbook has a nearly perfect social sportsbook app. Pick from a wide variety of sports and leagues, earn rewards and free coins, and easily cash in your sweepstakes for cash prizes.

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4.9 out of 5
Website and Mobile App
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Get a 100 Fliff Cash Bonus

Must be 18 or older to play based on your location. Please play responsibly. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER.

Fliff Sportsbook App Review

Fliff Sportsbook: Our Top-Rated Social Sportsbook App for 2024

Looking for a great way to bid against other players and win big on your favorite games? Check out the popular free-to-play platform, Fliff Social Sportsbook.

Unlike a more traditional sportsbook or other online sportsbooks out there, Fliff offers a fresh spin on how players pick the outcome of sports events. It offers a novel way to view games, interact with other players, and predict sports outcomes, all while fostering a dynamic community of like-minded enthusiasts where you can pick against.

Whether you're a seasoned gambler looking for a change of pace or a casual fan eager to test your predictive prowess, Fliff offers something for everyone. But how well does it truly perform? Does it live up to its strong reputation in the online gaming community? Keep reading our comprehensive Fliff review to discover the ins and outs of this popular social sportsbook.

The Fliff app stands out in the crowded iGaming industry as an exceptional sweepstakes sportsbook that offers a fun alternative to real money gambling sites. Available on both iOS and Android, it can be easily found and downloaded from the Google Play Store and respective Apple App Store.

Unlike typical sportsbooks, Fliff is a legal sports-picking alternative that's designed around social competition, allowing users to bid and compete directly against real players.

Sportsbook AppFliff Social Sportsbook
App Store Rating4.8 (40,000 Reviews)
Play Store Rating4.7 (3,240 Reviews)
Total Reviews43,240
Aggregate Rating4.8
Best FeatureGreat Mobile App and Overall Experience
Worst FeatureLimited Options for Live Events

Sports Markets Available on Fllff Sportsbook

The Fliff social sportsbook, accessible through the dedicated Fliff app and Fliff website, offers an impressive range of sports odds, catering extensively to US-based sports fans.

After downloading the app, the first thing we did was check out the different sports and odds available. The coverage genuinely surpassed our expectations. While you expect popular American leagues like the NFL, MLB, and NBA, the addition of the NCAA was a pleasant surprise.

The odds, notably competitive across the board, come with an added layer of excitement via the boosted odds tab. This section allows sports fans to discover lines with the potential benefit of a 2x booster, amplifying the potential returns.

When it comes to options for picking games, Fliff Sportsbook doesn’t disappoint. Standard offerings include moneylines, spreads, and totals for all sports—but for a bit of a deeper dive, tapping the "markets" icon unveils a multitude of alternative lines.

What is Fliff and How do Social Sportsbooks Work

How to Use Fliff Coins and Fliff Cash

Navigating the world of Fliff's dual virtual currencies can initially seem daunting, but with a clear understanding, you can maximize their utility. Your Fliff funds include two balances: Fliff Coins and Fliff Cash. Fliff coins are essentially the free to play option in the app, while Fliff Cash hold real value and can be exchanged for prizes.

Fliff Coins

For those new to the platform, collecting fliff coins might seem like an avenue to real-world riches. However, Fliff Coins cannot be directly converted into cash. While this might seem limiting at first, the true value of Fliff Coins lies in the opportunities they unlock on the platform.

They function as a virtual currency exclusive to Fliff, with no monetary value outside the platform. Despite this, they're far from worthless. Instead of aiming to convert Fliff Coins to dollars, it's more beneficial to focus on leveraging these coins within the Fliff ecosystem.

Fliff Cash

Contrasting Fliff Coins, Fliff Cash does carry a tangible exchange value in the form of alternative prizes. While you can’t directly purchase Fliff Cash, you can earn it as a Fliff cash bonus by accumulating more Fliff Coins. This interconnection between Fliff Cash and Fliff Coins is essential to grasp: acquiring Fliff Coins can lead to earning Fliff Cash, which can subsequently be exchanged for a variety of prizes, including cash.

Moreover, as you accumulate wins using Fliff Coins in games, you also increase your experience points (XP). Amassing enough XP presents another avenue of rewards, allowing users to convert their points into gift vouchers where they can redeem cash prizes.

Interested in boosting your balance? When looking to purchase more Fliff coins, customers purchase coin packages, which frequently come with an added bonus of Fliff Cash. For context, a $4.99 package offers 50,000 Fliff Coins alongside 5 Fliff Cash. Splurge a little more at $9.99, and you'll receive 110,000 Fliff Coins complemented by 10 Fliff Cash.

Fliff Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Fliff Sportsbook Payment Methods

As the pioneering force introducing the first social sportsbook to the US, Fliff melds innovation with tried-and-true iGaming practices. Recognizing the importance of safety and security, Fliff opts for traditional payment methods for Fliff users to purchase Fliff coins and purchase coin packages.

Payment Methods Available for Fliff Pruchases

Users looking to purchase Fliff coins will find a seamless process in place, with currently accepted payment methods including the following:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Maestro

While not mandatory, sports fans who want to unlock the full spectrum of Fliff's offerings will have to link their credit or debit card. Not only does this facilitate purchasing Fliff coins, but it also lets users buy Fliff cash and unlock up to $100 in Fliff Cash bonus.

Redemption Methods Available at Fliff

For those who are fortunate enough to amass a sizable Fliff cash balance and are eyeing to redeem cash prizes, the redemption process is straightforward. Fliff mandates that prize redemptions mirror the payment method used to purchase coins. For example, if a user's account is tethered to a debit card, prize redemptions will be channeled back to that card.

As of the time of publishing this Fliff review, there's a minimum $50 threshold for all redemption requests. This ensures that users can claim free Fliff coins, get bonus Fliff cash, and subsequently redeem Fliff cash with confidence, knowing their financial transactions are in safe hands.

Fliff Legal Review

Customer Support on Fliff Sportsbook

Fliff's customer support options were both insightful and reassuring, especially given the fresh concept of a social sportsbook for many US players. While you won't find the support options that are available at real-money sportsbooks, it is important to remember that Fliff operates on a free to play basis and therefore has limited resources dedicated to customer support.

Contacting Fliff's support is straightforward via their on-site form. After providing the necessary details, we received proficient email responses typically within 12-24 hours. For those who prefer a more modern approach, Fliff is also active on social media, offering an additional layer of assistance. Moreover, the platform's blog serves as a preemptive solution hub, addressing many common queries.

Is Fliff Legit?

Fliff is a legit social sportsbook, driven by Fliff sweepstakes credits, which allows it widespread availability across the US. By framing rewards as promotions given upon purchasing Fliff coins, it operates within a legal grey area under sweepstakes laws, allowing it to function in states even where online gambling isn't legalized.

However, there are exceptions; states like AL, GA, ID, MN, MS, NV, SC, and WA only permit picks using coins, while Washington bans the platform entirely.

Is Fliff Legal and Safe?

Fliff's safety as a platform remains a point of ambiguity. Operated by Fliff Inc., the company was founded by Matt Ricci and Mario Dodev and has been in business since May 2019. Though it operates without state gambling commission licenses due to its sweepstakes nature, it has grown steadily over the years.

While the platform employs TLS encryption, ensuring online safety, it's recommended to use it on secure networks and download it only from trusted sources.

Fliff Review Summary: Final Thoughts on Social Sportsbook App

As we wrap up our Fliff review, it's clear that this unique social sportsbook platform offers a great blend of traditional sports wagering with social dynamics bringing a refreshing twist to the industry. While navigating the complex waters of online gambling laws, the platform offers an exciting yet secure environment for enthusiasts—but the cherry on top for any new user is undoubtedly the generous Fliff promo code offer.

Fliff sportsbook fills an obvious void in the U.S. iGaming industry, allowing sports fans to safely pick the outcome of games without risking their own money. The app is very well-developed, easy to use, and looks great on any device. If you can only pick one social sportsbook to use this NFL season, Fliff is our choice!

Must be 18 or older to play based on your location. Please play responsibly. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER.

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