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Oregon Lottery Online: Use JackPocket to Buy Lottery Tickets from Your Phone

Matthew Brown
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Last Updated: April 1st, 2024

Now you can play the Oregon Lottery online anytime and anywhere in the Beaver State. You no longer have to go to the convenience store to get your Mega Millions or Powerball ticket, you can do it all from the comfort of your home.

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Play Oregon Lottery Online

The digital era is here, and Oregon has made it easier than ever to play the lottery. You can now enjoy all your favorite lottery games from the comfort of your home or on the go.

Not sure how to get started? We will share all the details on how to buy lottery tickets online in Oregon.

Get ready to discover a new way to play and unleash your winning potential in the vibrant world of online lottery gaming.

Types of Lottery Games Available in Oregon

Looking for Oregon lottery draw games to play? Maybe even a Mega Millions jackpot?

Get ready for some excitement and big wins with a variety of options to choose from:

Marionberry Bingo

With four separate cards and a chance to win prizes up to $10,000, this $2 scratch-off game is a crowd favorite. Match the numbers on your cards to the numbers called out and see if luck is on your side!

This Calls for Confetti

Don't miss out on this $2 Scratch-it game that offers a top prize of $500. Plus, even non-winning tickets can be entered into Second Chance for another shot at that enticing top prize.

Video Lottery

Immerse yourself in over 60 Las Vegas-style slot games that will take you on thrilling adventures. Spin those reels and see if you can hit the jackpot in one of the many imaginative worlds available.

Mega Millions

Dream big with this multi-state draw game that gives you a chance to win millions of dollars. On each Mega Millions lottery ticket, pick your lucky five numbers from 1 to 70 and an additional Mega Ball number from 1 to 25 for your shot at massive prizes.


Get in on the action with another multi-state draw game offering incredible jackpots. Select five numbers from 1 to 69 and a Powerball number from 1 to 26. Who knows? You could be the next lucky Powerball winner.

Lucky Lines

For just $2, you have a chance to win up to $50,000 in this exciting draw game. Choose six numbers from 1 to 48 and cross your fingers as the numbers are drawn. Will you be the lucky one to hit the jackpot? Lucky Lines game is not available online.

Win for Life

Imagine winning $1,000 a week for life! With this $2 draw game, you can make that dream a reality. Pick four numbers from 1 to 77, match them to the drawn numbers, and secure your Oregon lottery winnings. Win for Life game is not available online.


Oregon Unleash Your Luck

Discover a world of scratch-off games with various themes and enticing top prizes. Unleash your luck and scratch your way to potential winnings. And remember, non-winning tickets can still bring you a second chance at that top prize. Scratch off games are not available online.

Online Play Options

While some games can be played through the official Oregon lottery website or Oregon lottery app, you can also explore third-party websites like theLotter Oregon for an extended range of online gaming opportunities.

How to Play the Oregon Lottery Online

Now that you've seen all the amazing options that the Oregon Lottery offers, let's dive into how to actually play. Here's your complete guide to playing Oregon lottery games online:

1. Head Over to the Website

Start by heating on over to the official website of the Oregon Lottery. It's the perfect place to visit for all things related to lottery games in the state.

2. Sign Up For Your Account

To get started, create your own account on the Oregon Lottery website. They might ask you a few questions to set up your account and make sure that you meet the age and location requirements. Once you've completed the necessary steps, log in to the website using your chosen credentials.

3. Pick a Game to Play

Now comes the fun part—explore the wide range of Oregon lottery games available. My favorite choices are Powerball, Mega Millions, and Keno. All three of these are terrific and highly entertaining!

4. Choose Your Lucky Numbers

Once you've chosen your game, it's time to pick your lucky numbers. You can either select your own or let the system do the work for you with the Quick Pick option, which generates random numbers. Trust your instincts or leave it to chance—the choice is yours!

5. Select the Number of Draws to Enter

Consider how many draws you want to enter. The nice thing about the Oregon Lottery website is that you can decide if you want to play single draws or multiples.

6. Choose Your Wager

Now, let's talk about your betting amounts. Check the site for more details about the min and max wagers for each respective lottery game. Remember, stay within your means by selecting a bet size that doesn't hurt your personal finances.

7. Make Sure Your Picks Are Correct

Never hit submit without going over your selections at least one extra time. Once you submit your picks, all bets are final, so checking for accuracy is mightily important!

8. Seal the Deal!

Confirm your bet, and the site will tell you the next steps to finalize your transaction. Pay attention to any additional instructions or prompts along the way.

9. Make Your Payment

Complete the payment process using one of the available options provided by the website. They typically offer various secure payment methods, such as credit/debit cards or online payment platforms. Choose the option that works best for you.

10. Keep Your Digital Ticket Somewhere Safe

After your purchase is confirmed, you'll receive a digital ticket or a confirmation of your entry. Hang on to this, as it serves as proof of your participation in the draw.

11. Cross Your Fingers!

Keep an eye on the draw dates and times for the game you played. The Oregon Lottery website will announce the results, so make sure to stay informed. Who knows? You might be in for a delightful surprise!

12. Keep an Eye Out For the Announcement

Wondering how you'll find out that you're the lucky winner? No worries—the Oregon Lottery will get in touch with you via email or phone. You may even receive a letter in the mail.
(That's why it's so important to keep your contact info current, including your address!) If you win big, you may have to go to the nearest Oregon lottery claim center to claim your big prize. Keep in mind there are only two Oregon Lottery claim centers — one in Salem and one in Wilsonville.

You're Ready to Play Oregon Lottery Online!

You can now call yourself an expert. It's time to buy some official Oregon Lottery tickets and start playing!

We shared all the tips we know to make your Oregon Lottery experience both enjoyable and entertaining.

There are so many games to choose from. You're sure to find at least one you like. But remember, you're never guaranteed a big win (or even a small one!) Treat gambling like a hobby, not a means to an end. Of course, we hope you win some massive Oregon Lottery prizes.

Ready to enjoy your online lottery play in the Beaver State? Visit the official website or download the app to get started.

Concerned about your own or someone else's gambling? Visit or call 1 877-MYLIMIT.

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