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Our Top MLB Player Props Parlay for Thursday, June 27: Burnes Should Cook!

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Written by Wades Bets
June 27, 2024
Our Top MLB Player Props Parlay for Thursday, June 27

Welcome back MLB fans! Yesterday’s underdog play went 2-2 with a shocking loss on Spencer Arrighetti throwing 0 walks for the first time in his career, but that's baseball! We are back today, on a rather down slate for starting pitchers, with some tough matchups!

Let’s get right into this because I am excited for today’s play!

Live player props data coming soon for Corbin Burnes.

Corbin Burnes Has Been Phenomenal at Home

Corbin has had 9 starts in Baltimore this season, he holds a 1.84 ERA, and a .225 OBA. In those 9 home starts he has allowed 2 earned runs in just 4 of those games, the rest were 1 or 0. The Rangers have 4 LHB, and two others that hit switch, and Burnes holds a .155 avg to LHB!

The Rangers have been awful this season vs RHB, I expected them to get better over time and they just haven’t. Over the last 30 days, vs RHP, they rank 28th in avg(.211), 29th OB5, 30th in Slugging, and 30th in wRC+. Over the last 15 days they still sit bottom 4 in wRC+ and OB%.

This lineup has limited exposure to Burnes, with Seagers and Jankwoski the only hitters that have seen him. Against RHP, Rangers have 4 batters right around.259, with Smith hitting .283, and every other hitter is under .225 or worse. I expect another good performance from the big man tonight!

Live player props data coming soon for Shota Imanaga.

Shota Imanaga Has Been Impressive

Forget his last outing vs Mets, the Mets are playing out of this world as of late and it was a clash at the wrong time! Having said that, we did cash his under 1.5 walks in that game as he was chased early and that always helps! He is on the road today in a very scary matchup.

The Giants are walking at the second highest rate over the last month, and 6th highest over the last 15 days against LHP. The Giants have faced 14 LHP starters at home this season and 9 have stayed under this number. The 5 that did not are all notorious for walking multiple batters.

Shota in 14 starts is under this line in 12 of them, and has shown solid control all season. Both of his misses have been on the road. One was at Seattle, who sees the most pitches per plate appearance in the league, and the other was at Atlanta. Even though the Braves do not walk a lot, they can catch pitchers from time to time as they see 11th most pitches per plate appearance.

My Best Bet: 2-Man (+125) DraftKings
Corbin Burnes (BAL) u2.5 ER
Shota Imanaga (CHC) u1.5 Walks

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