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Online Real Money Slots

Online Real Money Slots
It is no secret that there are a plethora of online casinos available through a litany of sites. But learning more about why players play real money slots online can be helpful if you are thinking of making the move.

Regular players can also stand to learn from what choices make for a great online slot and all the advantages that can come with it. Plus, learning about the different variety of slot types can be helpful in finding a favorite. Also, learn about why different casinos offer Free Spins.

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Different Slot Types

There are a ton of slot options out there to choose from. That said, there are more than a few that have real money options that pay out in real cash. All you need to do is make a deposit and make your game selection.

Here are some of the most popular online slot options that have real money earning potential.


Also known as 3-reel, this is the kind of game that permeated Vegas casinos for decades. Most of the major developers in the United States offer these. The only caveat here is that there are relatively few pay lines and basically no bonus features.


Most of the legal real money online slots in the United States are of the 5-reel variety. They have a plethora of pay lines and usually have a variety of bonus rounds, typically in the form of free spins. There are also a ton of 6-reel games coming to online casinos everywhere. There are hundreds and even thousands of pay lines, free spins, and stacked wilds as bonuses.


The vast majority of online slots offer a minimum of one bonus round. These are particularly enticing to players as they can trigger a prize wheel, free spins, or even instant cash depending on the rules. Depending on the game and casino, there can be hundreds or even thousands of potential ways to win.


These are popular options in that they have art from a particular celebrity, movie, or television show. Some games might actually feature audio or video footage from the source material itself. The bonuses also tend to be huge and the jackpots generous.


More and more 3D slots are being implemented in online casinos everywhere. They can really take the experience to the next level with great sound, amazing graphics, and more innovative bonus games.

Why Play Real Money Online Slots?

There are those on the fence about whether to partake in online slots. But the good news is that these online casinos are now legal in a ton of US states. There are a few reasons in particular why enjoying online real money slots makes all the sense in the world.

Anywhere, Any Time

The best thing about playing online real money slots is that you can play popular games like Buffalo Gold from the comfort of your home. Not everyone is conveniently located near a brick-and-mortar casino. Instead, you can play online through a laptop, PC, or smart device, playing for real money at any time.

Higher RTPs

There is a number known as return to player which is important when dictating which casino you want to play at. Some of the better land-based slots will have a 95 or 96% RTP. But there are some states where the majority are in the mid-80s. Most legal online real money slots have RTPs up to 99%. If you are a high-volume player, the return is much better over the long haul online.

Bonuses and Deposit Matches

Another great reason to play online is the plethora of bonus spins and deposit matches available from the casino. They entice new players to sign up by giving out a ton of bonuses, making it great for new players to start out with more bankroll.

Choosing the Best Online Real Money Slots

There are a few things to take into consideration when choosing a real money online slot. Return to player has already been discussed but is definitely one of the most crucial things to consider. Any player will want to ensure that they get as much money back as possible and a higher RTP makes for better odds of that happening.

There is also playability and design to consider. No one is going to want to play boring, dull slots. There are a ton of options online that are flashy and feature exciting graphics. This means that it is a lot easier to get invested in those types of games.

Finally, availability is crucial, online casino games, including slots, are currently only legal in four U.S. states. This includes Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

Some of the best real money slots are going to be available through the legal online casinos within a given state. Whether you have one or several online casino accounts, there is a good chance that there is the right game for you. This is just the tip of the iceberg as to what the best online casinos have to offer.