Best New MLB Bobbleheads for 2022

Our Favorite MLB Bobbleheads for 2023

The 2023 MLB season is cranking right along, but there is still time to grab some of our favorite bobbleheads from this past year. These bobbleheads stand out as some of the best released from the past year and are not yet sold out. Move quickly, as we expect each of these to be gone well before the end of the 2023 MLB campaign.

The Astros won the 2022 World Series, making bobbleheads from their team even that much more valuable. A Jose Altuve bobblehead is among our favorites that are still available for purchase today!

Vladimir Guerrero All Star Bobbblehead

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. All Star Bobblehead

The All-Star Game features the best and brightest from around the Major Leagues. That includes Blue Jays slugger Vladimir Guerrero Jr., one of the best hitters the league has to offer.

On this bobblehead, Vladdy Jr. is in his all-star gear, watching another ball sail deep over the outfield wall. He stands on a base featuring the Blue Jays logo in the gold and black All-Star colors while a big screen featuring the All-Star Game logo stands behind him. It is a unique piece for fans of the Jays and the long ball alike.

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Jose Altuve Bighead MLB Bobblehead

Jose Altuve - Houston Astros

What better way to celebrate a second World Series title than with a bighead bobblehead of one of the key players, Jose Altuve? The Astros are a powerhouse once again and Altuve is one of the big names in the clubhouse.

Altuve, pictured on the bobblehead watching another hit go sailing into the outfield, sports the home white of the Astros, the navy helmet brought to life by the larger than normal head. The base is white and blue, featuring Altuve’s name on the bottom as he stands atop the famed Astros logo.

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