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Fubo Sportsbook is now available in two US states (Arizona and Iowa) and they plan on entering additional markets during 2022. New customers can now get a $1,000 Risk-Free Bet as well a free month of FuboTV. Use the promo code EWB123 to jump on this incredible deal.
Most folks have heard of FuboTV since they are a world leader in the streaming industry. They've recently made a big splash by opening their own sportsbook. We expect big things from Fubo Sportsbook in the near future.
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Fubo Sportsbook Review Summary

Fubo was founded in 2015 and they've become one of the most successful streaming companies in the world. The company did over $600 million in total revenue in 2021 and early forecasts expect them to easily surpass the $1 billion mark for 2022.

Fubo decided to parlay their success into the sports betting arena by starting their own sportsbook (Fubo Sportsbook) in November of 2021. They have undergone successful launches in both Iowa and Arizona and sports bettors from both of those states have been giving Fubo Sportsbook some rave reviews.

This review will take a look at every feature of the Fubo Sportsbook betting app. As Fubo starts trickling into more states, their success should continue to skyrocket. We highly recommend giving Fubo Sportsbook a shot.

What Fubo Sportsbook Players are Saying

One crucial aspect to consider when comparing sportsbooks are the opinions of their current player pool. We've curated reviews and ratings for Fubo Sportsbook across both the App Store and Trustpilot. Find the current Fubo Sportsbook rating on each platform, as well as an aggregate rating across all reviews, in the table below.

Our team picked through hundreds of Fubo Sportsbook reviews to identify what current players think are the best and worst features in the sports betting app. It is worth noting that online reviews tend to be more negative than positive, so an aggregate rating of 4.3 is considered a very good rating from existing players.

Sportsbook AppFubo
App Store Rating4.3 (202 Reviews)
Trustpilot Rating3.7 (1 Review)
Total Reviews203
Aggregate Rating4.3
Best FeatureEasy to Use App
Worst FeatureAvailability (Currently 2 States)

Fubo Sportsbook Website and App

4.5 out of 5

Fubo's website and app are both easy to use and pleasing to the eye. It's pretty amazing to see how well the Fubo Sportsbook app integrates with your FuboTV subscription. Fubo has its own live sync technology that lets you bet on a game while you are streaming it live, which is unlike any other sports betting app on the market.

The layout of the website and app is also a plus. All of the sports are clearly displayed along the left side and you can toggle between the home page and the live betting options at the top.

Fubo Sportsbook Odds and Juice

4.8 out of 5

Here's an area that Fubo Sportsbook can improve on. While Fubo's odds and juice for point-spread sports like basketball and football are about right in line with their competitors, they don't offer very nice prices on moneyline sports like baseball and hockey. When betting on these sports, BetMGM usually offers 5 cents less in juice than Fubo.

All that being said, we have to remember that Fubo is new to the sportsbook industry. Once Fubo Sportsbook grows its market share, they may very well start to offer better prices on all moneyline-driven sports. Never underestimate the power of juice!

Fubo Sportsbook $1,000 Risk Free Promo for Arizona

Fubo Sportsbook New Player Promotions

4.6 out of 5

New player promotions are where Fubo Sportsbook really shines. Their current $1,000 risk free bet promo is right in line with FanDuel Sportsbook's current offer. It's even better than FanDuel's promotion because it also comes with a free month of FuboTV.

It's pretty impressive that a brand new sportsbook app like Fubo offers a new player promo that beats out sportsbook veterans like DraftKings, Unibet, BetRivers, and BetMGM. It'll be interesting to see what kind of new player promos Fubo will offer for the 2022 football season.

Fubo Sportsbook Customer Support Overview

4.5 out of 5

Here's another area that should improve as Fubo Sportsbook continues to grow. Their customer support options aren't bad by any means. However, they currently do not offer customer support via phone.

The live chat feature, email option, and FAQ library are all great features but some sportsbook problems require the help of a live person. Again, this will probably change once Fubo Sportsbooks expands into a few more states.

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