FanDuel Dinger Tuesday Picks for June 6
Written by Max Gilson
June 6, 2023

FanDuel Dinger Tuesday Picks for June 6

Tuesday’s are the best day of the week during the MLB season, thanks to FanDuel’s $5 Dinger Tuesday promotion. This article will break down the promo, show you how to attack it, and give some picks to be profitable!

This year I’ll be tracking my wagers here on This will include tracking units ($25) won as well as free bet conversions.

How it Works

First, make sure you OPT-IN on Fanduel for the promotion. Then, for every game in which you place a $25 bet on any player to hit a home run, you get a $5 free bet for each home run hit in the game. The free bets pay out regardless of whether your pick hits or not, and you can use this promotion on every single game on the Tuesday slate.

How to Win

We’ll look to pick a player from just about every game. We don’t need to worry about the -EV nature of Fanduel’s home run prices, as the value of the promotion creates an inherently +EV environment for this type of wager.

We are going to look to target games with higher totals, as there is more expected scoring. While we’ll get into more specifics outlined with the picks, in general, you want to look for the perfect storm of hot hitters, poor pitching, high totals, and good weather.

Last Week's Dinger Tuesday Recap

Latest Odds

Game Pick Price Result
SDP vs. MIA Jorge Soler +280 $ (25.00)
TEX vs. DET Corey Seager +400 $ (25.00)
PHI vs. NYM Francisco Alvarez +600 $ (25.00)
KCR vs. STL Nolan Gorman +400 $ (25.00)
SEA vs. NYY Teoscar Hernandez +360 $ (25.00)
ATL vs. OAK Matt Olson +400 $ (25.00)
LAA vs. CHW Jake Burger +360 $ (25.00)
WSH vs. LAD Freddie Freeman +370 $ 92.50
SDP vs. MIA Jorge Soler +280 $ (25.00)
TEX vs. DET Corey Seager +400 $ (25.00)

Total result: -$132, $95 Bonus Bets awarded

We used $95 in bonus bets during the week on FanDuel’s boosts, converting the 95 out of 95 bonus bets into $165 putting our annual total at +$52.20.

Keep in mind, you’ll need to use free bets within one week, meaning that these will expire tomorrow if you haven’t used them yet. I’ll post picks at the end of the article or on twitter on a weekly article thread.

Weather Report

As more and more accounts get hit with the $50 per day max on Fanduel, we’ll look to limit our selections and prioritize games with the most home runs projected. From a weather perspective,
I’m looking at the A’s and Pirates game with balmy conditions and a 10+ mph wind blowing out to center field.

There is some rain coming down in New York City, however, forecasts expect this to clear up by first pitch in the Bronx. There is expected to be a 10 to 15mph wind blowing out to right field in a park that already benefits right/center field power.

Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Cincinnati Reds: 7:10 pm EST

As mentioned, we are going to be more selective with volume of picks, given that Fanduel is limiting the amount of bonus bets we can win. A ballpark that I will almost always have a play in is Great American Park in Cincinnati.

This park is likely the best park in the majors for home runs, with favorable dimensions in both left and right field, as well as an extremely small foul territory down the lines, giving batters more opportunity to hit. Wind is not usually a strong factor in Cincy, however, when it is, the wind usually blows out to center field.

We’re going to target JD Martinez in this one, in the midst of his bounce back season with the Dodgers. After a disappointing 2022 in his final season with the Red Sox, many thought Martinez’ power had disappeared. This combined with his declining plate discipline at age 35 limited his offseason prospects.

That being said, he’s found his power stroke with the Dodgers, already hitting 14 home runs in 2023. The days of his double digit walk rate might be over, but he’s improved his average launch angle to 18 degrees combined with an 18% barrel rate. It seems like JD is being more aggressive with his swing in 2023, noted by his zone swing percentage at a high at 79%.

There is more swing and miss to JD’s game than in years past, however, he’s being much more aggressive and driving the baseball when he gets pitches in the zone. I think he gets an ideal matchup with Luke Weaver this evening, a pitcher who’s failed to impress in 2023. Weaver’s fastball velocity is down 2.5 mph and he’s not blowing anyone away with his stuff with a 22% k rate and 25% chase rate.

Weaver has been leaving too many fastballs in the zone, causing his 44% hard hit rate and 11.2% barrel rate. I don’t think Weaver has been as awful as his ERA suggests, but this is a matchup between an elite hitter, an average pitcher, in great hitting conditions. I think Martinez’s approach in 2023 makes him the most likely bat of the Dodgers lineup to take Weaver deep tonight in Cincinnati.

New York Mets at Atlanta Braves: 7:20 pm EST

In this NL east matchup between the Braves and Mets, I think there are plenty of home runs to go around for the Braves side. Simply put, Carlos Carrasco has not been good in 2023. He’s constantly in trouble with his 9.5% BB rate.

His velocity is down a full MPH year over year at just under 92mph, a far cry from his 95+ stuff during his prime with Cleveland. Carrasco is striking out just under 14% of batters making his K-BB at a paltry 4.5%. The Braves are one of the best offenses in the league and should be able to take advantage of this matchup at home.

I’m going for a bit of a bigger price on Eddie Rosario here as I like the matchup the best. Ronald Acuna and Sean Murphy have both been barreling up the ball at high rates in their recent games, but I think both players are too content to take walks as both of them have double digit walk rates.

Matt Olson is Atlanta’s righty killer, but he’s struggled a bit in recent games. I’ve circled Eddie Rosario here as his aggressive approach at the plate feels like it will yield the best opportunity for a home run against Carrasco. There’s quite a bit of swing and miss in Rosario’s game, but I think he’ll be more aggressive than some of his Braves teammates.

Also, given his lineup placement, Carrasco will be less likely to pitch around him as he’s hitting behind most of the big hitters in this lineup. Further, Fanduel is actually offering the most competitive price on Rosario at +480, while the rest of the market sits at around +450 or lower. This plus his average 15.4-degree launch angle is enough to back Rosario to hit a home run tonight in Atlanta.

San Francisco Giants vs Colorado Rockies: 9:40 EST

Another great stadium for producing home runs is the well-known Coors Field. In this matchup we have John Brebbia opening for the Giants, as they’ve yet to officially announce who will be their “bulk” guy in relief. All signs point to lefty Sean Manaea, who hasn’t pitched in five days.

In his last outing, Brebbia also opened for him. I think the potential for a lefty reliever is what’s throwing off the home run market as I was surprised to see Ryan McMahon at such a high price in tonight’s matchup. McMahon isn’t nearly as good against lefties as he is against righties this season, but in a limited sample size, he’s actually been just fine against lefties at Coors.

Manaea certainly isn’t impressing anyone with his 2023 output, despite putting up strong strikeout numbers. He’s still walking too many batters and giving up a ton of hard contact when he is getting the ball in the zone. I think Fanduel is attaching way too much juice on McMahon against a lefty as they’re currently priced at +600 while the rest of the market is at +500.

Further, McMahon has slotted at 3rd in the Rockies lineup of late and therefore will face John Brebbia in the first inning. I like McMahon in that matchup and like the price comparison across the board.

See the full list below:

Full List of Dinger Tuesday Picks for June 6

Latest Odds

Game Pick Price
DET vs. PHI Trea Turner +400
NYM vs. ATL Eddie Rosario +480
STL vs. TEX Josh Jung +450
CHW vs. NYY Anthony Rizzo +400
LAD vs. CIN JD Martinez +340
SFG vs. COL Ryan McMahon +600
CHC vs. LAA Shohei Ohtani +285
SEA vs. SDP Cal Raleigh +430
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