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Circa Sports Announces Record Prize Guarantees for 2024 NFL Betting Contests

Matthew Brown
Written by Matthew Brown
May 30, 2024
Circa Has Record Prize Guarantees for 2024 NFL Contests

The National Football League (NFL) tops the sports betting charts in the U.S. with seven-figure prize money and rewards. One of the most prominent facilitators of this highly rewarding betting niche is Circa Sports.

To maintain its annual practice, Circa Sports’ CEO announced that the company will be rewarding its top players with a prize pool of about $16 million in the 2024/2025 gaming season. This historic feat has drawn the attention of many bettors and non-bettors alike.

Background of Circa Sports Contests

Since its launch in 2019, Circa Sports has expanded beyond the shores of Nevada into five states. This expansion was necessary as the company intended to allow more participants access to its popular contests and prize pools.

Shortly after its launch in 2019, Circa Sports launched the Circa Sports Million contest with $1 million payouts. As a result of its record success in 2019, the company also launched the Circa Sports Million II in 2020, with a whopping $3 million in payouts. In the same year, the company launched the Circa Survivor contest with a $1 million grand prize.

Due to the success of both contests in 2020, the Circa Sports Millions III and Circa Survivor Contest made about $10 million in total payouts in 2021. Since then, the company has continued to raise the bar with impressive payouts and grand prizes. As CEO of Circa, Derek Stevens, puts it, “the trend is going to continue to grow.” As promised, the company is hosting a rake-free prize pool of $16,000,000 this year.

What is Circa Survivor Contest?

To compete in the Circa Survivor Contest, participants must predict one NFL team to win per week. While this may seem quite straightforward, the caveat is that participants can only predict a team to win once throughout the season. Hence, the Circa Survivor Context requires participants to have extensive knowledge of the NFL teams, the match-ups, and the games.

Building on 2023’s precedence, where four participants won over $9 million, Circa Sports is set to reward the top finalists of the Circa Survivor 2024 contest with $10 million. These finalists also stand a chance to win more if the total entries exceed the guaranteed payout.

This year, participants have a maximum of 10 entries worth $1,000 each. The contest will consist of 20 legs throughout the season, covering every game week and two holiday weeks.

What is Circa Million VI Contest?

This contest is just as technical as the Circa Survivor Contest. To participate in Circa Millions VI, contestants must predict the outcomes of five games every week. Hence, participants require a thorough knowledge of the game and the betting lines.

To make this year's Circa Millions VI contest more interesting, the company is offering prizes worth $6 million. The best overall participant will win $1 million and a Circa Sports blue jacket. The other top 100 participants will be rewarded with over $3.5 million. This contest is no rake; hence, extra fees will be deducted from the season’s prize pools.


Circa Sports has become one of the biggest players in sports betting because of its huge payouts and grand prizes; however, only the top participants can benefit from the prize pool. To be among these lucky participants, contestants must have a vast knowledge of the games and players and a working prediction strategy.

To participate in the 2024/2025 season of the Circa Sports Millions and Circa Survivor Contest, participants have to sign up at the company’s office with their weekly entries for the season’s games. Participants have until September 7 to sign up for the 2024-25 NFL season.

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