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BetVision Launches Sports Wagering with NFL Live Stream

Matthew Brown
Written by Matthew Brown
October 6, 2023
BetVision Launches Sports Wagering with NFL Live Stream

The new NFL season has kicked off with a bang for customers of Caesars, BetRivers and Fanatics Sportsbooks in the US. Starting in September and for the rest of the season, bettors will be able to wager on mobile devices and live stream NFL games at the same time.

Genius Sports Limited, a London-based sports analytics company, made this development known in a press release as it announced the launch of BetVision. According to the company, BetVision is an intuitive platform that delivers the twin delights of sports betting and comprehensive live game data.

For a while now, Genius Sports has been the exclusive distributor of official sports betting data, real-time game statistics and Next Gen Stats (NGS) data for the NFL. Thanks to its new platform, it is set to deliver an even more immersive wagering experience for its thousands of customers.

Caesars and Fanatics Become First Sportsbooks with Access to BetVision

Before now, sportsbook customers had to exit a game’s live stream if they wanted to place futures or in-game bets. The closest bettors have come to integrated live stream and betting were picture-in-picture features on smartphones. However, BetVision is making it seamless to place bets even with an active live stream and game feeds.

Genius Sports will be launching BetVision first with the sportsbook apps of Caesars, Fanatics and BetRivers. In July, Genius Sports announced that it extended its exclusive analytics deal with the NFL to the 2027-2028 season. So, it is expected that these sportsbook apps will enjoy BetVision’s features to that period, at least.

On every live stream, eligible customers will have access to all in-game statistical insights, real-time augmentations and integrated bet slips and odds. All of these data will be readily available on the sportsbook’s interactive player.

In addition, there will be break-in-action promotions displayed on-screen as well as live betting alerts. The NFL and Genius Sports believes that integrating these features into low latency live game streams will drive product engagement and guarantee customer retention.

“We’re very pleased to be Genius’ first BetVision content partner as they continue to be on the cutting edge of sports betting experiences. BetVision allows us to create a differentiated way for fans to engage with NFL content,” said Brent Lawton, VP Business Development & Strategic Investments of the NFL.

Genius Sports Poised to Expand BetVision Beyond the NFL

Although data visualizations and graphic overlays of analytics have been in use by NFL streaming partners, BetVision offers a feature that users can switch on or off. BetVision allows for full customization, enabling players to see only as much wagering data as they choose. This ensures an immersive yet bespoke experience based on their preferences.

Genius Sports is positive that BetVision will herald a new point in history for sports wagering. Mark Locke, CEO of Genius Sports had this to say about the launch:

“BetVision is leading a new era of immersive sports experiences. The launch brings together our capabilities across data tracking, video streaming, live data and sports wagering to create a game-changing product for sportsbooks. Sports fans and bettors alike increasingly demand personalized interaction, greater customization and deeper insights combined with an ability to strike a bet seamlessly. BetVision alone offers precisely that, while giving sportsbooks a new way to drive engagement and accelerate the growth of in-game betting.”

Interestingly, BetVision is not the first time Genius Sports would be offering an immersive sports experience. Earlier in September 2023, Genius announced a partnership with Snapchat which will bring interactive game data to users of Verizon Wireless through Snapchat lenses.

The company is also active in 150 countries, partnering with stakeholders of the English Premier League, NASCAR, NCAA, and the International Basketball Federation. Should BetVision achieve its aim in North America, we may well see an expansion into other sporting leagues and nations.

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