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Best Sports Bars for Betting in New York

Chris Lollis
Written by Chris Lollis
January 26, 2021
new york sports bar

Mobile sports betting is live in New York which means the estimated 5 million adults that have an interest in betting on sports in the state can do so from anywhere. This allows sports fans to gather and wager from the sports bar of their choosing.

If you are looking for a New York sports bar with plenty of TVs, great food, and cold drinks that also caters to sports bettors, we've got you covered. Here are our picks for the best sports bars across The Empire State.

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Best New York City Sports Bars

American Whiskey

247 W 30th St, New York, NY 10001Best Dish: Burgers

Looking for a good place to meet with friends and have a bite while watching a sports game? Here is the place to be. Located at about 0.5 miles from the Empire State Building, American Whiskey is a perfect spot for lunch, dinner, late nights, and drinks. They are notable for getting busy for the Georgia Bulldogs games since they are a Georgia bar.

Apart from the foods and drinks – which are a plus – they have well over 30 televisions for sports lovers or bettors to watch games from and they can accommodate up to 400 people in their bar and upstairs lounge at a go. They also have a ton of interesting beers, tasty bites, and whiskey; just like the name implies, whilst their customer service is impressive.

Dante West Village

551 Hudson St, New York, NY 10014Best Dish: Skirt Steak

Sports bars in New York are strategically positioned to bring people from every corner of the city together. Dante West is situated at Hudson St, New York. From what people say about Bars and their features, it sure looks like one of the best places that humans go to relax and have fun after a busy day.

It is not because there are no other recreational places to unwind, it is the fact that bars are inclusive to the core. if the bar is like Dante West village, you get served the best cocktail and martini drinks, you get to fill your stomach with good seafood, and still do other businesses that are not food or drink related.

Although the Dante West Villageillage is one of the newest bars out there in New York, the bar still finds a way to stand out in style and class. Being the subhead of the popular MacDougal Street Stalwart has changed nothing in the way they have presented and represented the bar since inception and I swell with pride whenever I get the chance to visit for a drink and food or on special occasions, for drinks and betting games with friends.

It may not be the place to go every day because doing so would mean that you get to constantly expose yourself to this fun life that is nothing like home -the allure could definitely make anyone doubt the reality

It is a place to visit with friends because as expected, there are so many activities to do with your friends. If you are the type who likes to get into light betting with friends once in a while, after a good day at work, the bar is your go-to place.

Guess what?

You get to do your betting and other businesses at the bar and leave it all where it all started. This right here is one of the beauties of the bar that New York has come to love dearly.

If you have been wondering about the meaning of diversity, you only need to pick up your phone to read about the Dante West village bar and if you discover that you are up to it, download the app and ensure that you have the bar handy. You would see then that bars are now designed to do so much that they were originally known for. Although this may not appeal to everyone, especially bettors, it is still really good to know that the bar operates from an app and I can choose to order instead of having physical contact with people.

Controlled easily from your phone.

Sometimes, guests and customers genuinely want a no physical contact type of day and would prefer that transactions are done digitally. At Dante West, there is no reason to engage physically with operators before things get done.

Bars like these are needed in all communities to foster growth and embolden people who have only ever placed bets from the comfort of their homes. It also plays a very vital role in strengthening the bond between bettors across the world.

Best Brooklyn Sports Bars

Wild Birds

951 Dean St, Brooklyn, NY 11238Best Dish: Tacos

There are a few exciting moments that supersedes the one where you get to watch your favorite music band come on a stage in front of you to perform your favorite song. I have experienced many thrilling moments including this and by far the most impressionable is this one.

Wild right?

Well, that is wild birds right there for you. The bar has been designed in such a way that a live set of music that is acoustic starts the evening and the lineup of musicians gets more fascinating.

Not only does it provide you with the buzzing sensation of getting to watch your favorite artists or bands, but it is also very particular about serving you the best drinks in the world. Even when it is just located at the corner of one city in the world, it is such a good place for the whole world.

I am sticking to the notion that by just existing and doing their great deed, the wild birds are one of the things that keep people in New York going or bettors happy.

Some of its good deeds since the establishment have been good music which gives room for heat because if the music is good, I am sure you will dance and sway those hips that you have been given.

With good music also comes inspiration to channel your desire. Since other people will be present at the bar, people also find the avenue to do light or heavy betting according to their preferences.

It is only natural that we make friends in places like this. Sometimes, we make friends who have the same interest in betting as we do and we get to engage each other. While the music plays, we can find our own corner to enjoy the music and also enjoy the game.

The wild bird is truly all in one because, in addition to all these good tidings, there are also good pop-ups for all their customers.

That I can get three things (good food, drinks, and people to bet with) I genuinely love from visiting this bar is such an advantage over so many others in the city of New York. It feels and sounds like home to me.

The wild birds are a testament to the fact that bars are good for friendly communion after a busy day and also, bars are good places to engage your betting streak. There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing any of these things, as long as they are done in moderation.

For people who are yet to use the bar at all and would like to know more about the bar, there is so much information about the bar that can be found via that IG page.

Before you step into that bar later, be reminded that they work strictly with the first come first served policy. You really can’t blame them, can you? If they’ll maintain orderliness with so much going on, it Haas to be done this way.

Best Manhatton Sports Bars

Blondies Sports

212 W 79th St, New York, NY 10024Best Dish: Wings

Just like several other sports bars, Blondies offer space, food, and games. However, their uniqueness lies in the fact that they have the option of customers getting a section of their bar to themselves alone. Located at about 0.7 miles away from Central Park, this bar has quite a few options of drink specials, the best buffalo chicken in town, and a party room with a private bar that schools, teams, alumni, and other groups of customers can book for themselves or parties.

A little heads up, though, is that this sports bar supports Michigan State, Ohio State, University of Virginia, University of Kansas, John Hopkins University, the Steelers, amongst others. Therefore, it is important that bettors who would love to watch games at this bar, especially to watch football, call in or make inquiries before heading down to this multi-TV screen bar. Going to this bar, you can be sure that they show all games whenever they are aired, and you will have nothing short of excellent customer service from the bartenders.

In conclusion, common attributes every sports bar should have are a great ambiance, a number of TV screens, good customer service, and refreshments – including foods and drinks.

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